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Mid-range industrial door solutions: introducing the Speedor Eco

Mid-range industrial door solutions: introducing the Speedor Eco
Part of our Speedor® high-speed industrial door range, the Speedor Eco is an economical and efficient mid-level roller door access solution. Let’s take a look…

Insulated roller shutters for doors: how they can cut your heating bill

How insulated roller shutters for doors can cut your heating bill
Find out how Hart insulated roller shutters for doors can help to reduce your heating bills...

Reduce your building carbon footprint – how automatic doors help

Green automatic doors - reduce building carbon footprint
One of the key takeaways from COP26 was to secure net-zero by 2050 to stop the rising global temperatures. Global warming contributes to extreme weather conditions; not only do the rising temperatures cause drought, forest fires and rising sea levels, but the increased water vapour in the atmosphere can lead to flooding and destruction due to more frequent heavy rain and intensified hurricanes.

Which shutters are right for my business?

Which shutters? Red roller shutter doors
It can be a daunting task choosing which shutters are the right ones for your business. We explore the different types of shutters available.

What are insulated roller shutter doors?

Grey insulated roller shutter doors
Insulated roller shutter doors provide superior thermal performance whilst reducing noise pollution and draughts. We explain more here.

What you need to know about high-speed rapid roll doors

High-speed rapid roll doors
Versatile, efficient and commonly used. Here's what you need to know about high-speed rapid roll doors.

Energy Efficient Buildings – Specifying High Speed Doors

Specifying high speed doors - row of external yellow roller doors
Specifying a high-speed door has a number of benefits. Having the right door will save time and money, and efficiency from the outset.

What is the Difference Between Roller Shutter and Roller Door?

High Speed Door - Speeder Storm
What is the difference between a roller shutter and roller door? Hart Doors answers your question, read on to find out.

Which security rating do I need? LPS1175 security ratings explained

High security door
Hart manufactures a range of LPS1175 security shutters with security ratings of SR1, SR2, SR3 and SR4, tested and certified by the LPCB.

Why maintenance is more than just keeping your doors functional

Door maintenance call out and repair
Maintenance is more than just keeping your doors functional. Book a service with Hart Doors to ensure you comply with regulations.