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Fire Shutters and Doors

British manufactured and certified fire-rated shutters

Ensure fire protection for people and property up to 240 minutes

Hart Doors' fire shutters are manufactured to the highest standard specifications, building regulations and insurance requirements.

Fire rated from 30 minutes to 240 minutes resistance, our fire shutters can be integrated into existing fire and security alarm systems, protecting people, products and your premises during a fire outbreak.

Fire shutters by Hart Doors

Hart Firebrand is an innovative range of products designed to provide unyielding protection in the heat of the moment

Benefits of fire-rated rolling shutters

UL certified fire shutters
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Why choose fire shutters from Hart?

Our British-manufactured fire rated rolling shutters and doors provide many advantages over other types of fire doors and shutters:

Fully tested and certified

Hart fire-rated shutters are assessed and certified by the LPCB to BS EN 16034 tested to BS EN 1634-1 up to 7m wide and 7m high.

Our fire rated rolling shutters are manufactured and installed to the highest standards, with a controlled labelling procedure ensures product identity, traceability, and compliance.

High performance

A high performance, innovative and robust design, ensures that Hart fire doors can withstand fires from 30 to 240 minutes whilst maintain their integrity.

Designed to close automatically in the event of a fire, preventing it from spreading throughout the rest of the building, our fire doors and shutters manufactured to meet high standards, building regulations and insurance requirements.

Simple and effective

Hart fire-rated shutters are automatically operated in fire by simple fusible link or battery supported control systems with warning devices providing increasing levels of control and sophistication.

Peace of mind

Requiring minimal maintenance, once a Hart fire shutter is installed you can be confident that it will perform to a consistently high standard.

Knowledge and experience

Thanks to our in-depth industrial and commercial door industry experience, product knowledge and ability to tackle complex site challenges, we can help you create safer a workplace for your staff and customers.

Customised solutions

Our fire shutters are custom made to your requirements, offering excellent value for money.

For example, all materials can be powder coated in any RAL colour to suit the individual counter type and automatic activation in a fire situation. Optional ATEX compliance is also available.

We will advise the correct specification and functions for your needs and provide you with a detailed quotation.

The best fire rated rolling shutters and doors for your premises

Hart fire shutters manufactured to the highest standards, giving you peace of mind and protecting people, products and your premises during a fire outbreak.

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What regulations do you need to know about fire shutters?

Regulations relating to fire doors and shutters specifically have been improved in recent years, and greater emphasis has been placed on existing requirements and regulations as well. It’s essential these are closely adhered to in order to avoid further disasters and loss of life. Here, we help you understand the regulations and requirements around fire safety shutters so you can make sure your building is safe.

System requirements for fire shutters

Some of these fire door and shutter regulations and requirements can be complicated to understand, but they are all essential to ensure products do the jobs they are designed to do, and to avoid further disasters like the Grenfell Tower fire. As a consumer, the main takeaway is that products are better regulated and there are stricter fire safety requirements in place to protect you, which is positive progress.

Sectors we work with

Limitless applications

Whatever you are looking for, Hart doors are ideal for all building types. Our range of high-speed doors and fire and security shutters are in daily use in sectors such as energy, high security, logistics, leisure, manufacturing and transport.

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