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Manufacturers of reliable, long-lasting and high quality industrial doors and shutters

Roller shutters and high speed doors may be a small part of a building, but they can cause the biggest problems and incur considerable costs if they are not designed with the considerations of each individual site in mind. If an industrial door is low quality or the wrong specification, its operation will undoubtedly be unreliable.

Unreliability can cause a number of problems and will end up costing you time and money.

At Hart we believe in honesty. We may not be the cheapest door quote that you receive initially, but we know through experience that our doors are the most cost-effective solution as they will simply last longer.


9 reasons to choose Hart Doors

1) We are the oldest British manufacturer of industrial high speed doors and shutters
2) We are proudly British and manufacture all doors in the UK
3) We do not use subcontractors
4) We are the only UK manufacturer to offer a 2 year warranty
5) Our products have unsurpassed quality and longevity
6) We don’t sell doors, we advise on specification
7) We offer a personal experience
8) We have a long track record
9) We can fit to your schedule

Hart Doors offer you

1 year warranty

1 year warranty as standard

ce / ukca mark


uk design and manufacture

UK design and manufacture

LPCB approved


Hart is the oldest British manufacturer of industrial high-speed doors and shutters

We will only provide you with the correct solution for the job as we understand your problems and requirements. As a company Hart has the security to continue business into the future giving you support when you need it. You can feel safe that we will be around long after your purchase.

Hart is a third generation independent company founded in 1946 by Norman Hart. It has been continuously trading for over 70 years, establishing decades of engineering and door experience.

Hart has provided thousands of door solutions for efficiency, safety and security to many different industries. Our experience includes but is not limited to the following sectors; Food, Waste, Energy, Warehousing, Automotive, Infrastructure, Pharmaceutical, Rail, Airports, Manufacturing, Nuclear, OEM

Hart is proudly British and manufactures all doors in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

You don’t need to be frustrated by long lead times on spare or replacement parts which can cause down time and affect the productivity of your facility.

Hart doors are not imported and are not straight off the shelf. Each door is individually manufactured to suit your door opening in Hart’s fully owned Newcastle factory.

Standard spare parts are available off the shelf which can be delivered next day if required, or we can manufacture bespoke parts as and when required.

Hart do not use subcontractors

We don’t attend site to diagnose a problem, we come to fix it.

We don’t give false promises, so we won’t send someone to site within 24hrs only to look at the door and say it needs an engineer. We will react to your call as quickly as possible and always send a qualified engineer. This means less down time and disruption to your business as we have a high first – time fix rate.

All of our engineering vans are tracked so we know their exact location, which means they can be directed to suit a specific requirement.

All staff are fully employed by Hart which means that we have full accountability for everything that we do.

Hart offers a 12-month warranty as standard on all doors and shutters, with options to extend

The fabric used in our Speedor high speed doors lasts longer and is less likely to split and tear.

Wind class 5 doors - like our Speedor Storm - carry the highest wind class rating when measured against European standards BS/EN 12424. In order to be certified as wind class 5, doors must resist pressure differences across the door blade in excess of 1250 N/m2. This equates to a hurricane-force wind of around 100mph.

We use thicker curtain material made of a multilayer PVC on our Speedors, 20 gauge laths on our roller shutters and our external doors are wind class 5.

Our doors are simply better engineered.

Our standard 12-month warranty can be tailored and extended to 2, 3, 5 years (or longer) on all our doors, based on agreed service plans.

Why do we do this? Because we trust our doors.

Hart products have unsurpassed quality and longevity

Total cost of ownership is low. This is due to the longevity of our doors, they simply last longer so you don’t need to worry about securing CapEx any time soon.

Because our doors are reliable it means low fault rates and less down time.

We save you money in the long run and cause less stress and downtime fixing and replacing doors.

The expected life of our speed doors is 20 years and 500,000 cycles in normal conditions. 30-year lifetime is not unusual.

That’s why 80% of our business comes from existing customers, because they understand the value of quality doors.

At Hart we don’t sell doors, we advise on the specification you need

We will never over or undersell features to win an order. Our mission is to help you find the safest most efficient door for your environment.

You can rest assured that you and your employees can carry out your day to day activities in a safe and secure working environment that meets all safety standards.

Our sales managers are technical engineers so they do not sell products, they help you to buy the right solution based on the environment and usage. They have years of engineering expertise so you don’t need to know about doors, because they do.

Each door is made to measure and each activator and safety device is fitted to suit your environment.

Our technical sales managers help you to buy the right door by advising the best specification for the job.​ ​

Each door is tried, tested and fully compliant.

We offer a personal experience

You won’t waste your time being passed from pillar to post trying to find someone to help you.

You can speak directly with someone technical or the MD should you want to.

Our MD and Chairman are directly involved in the day to day running of the business.

You can call us directly and speak to us anytime.

Because we have decades of experience we know about your business and understand the challenges you face.

All of our doors have been designed for the specific needs of our clients and then brought into the family of products through demand.

We are more than happy to spend the time and consideration consulting with you to find the right specification.

We have a long track record – you can trust us

You can put your trust in us knowing your doors are reliable and won’t affect the running of your business.

Our case is fully supported across a variety of sectors giving you that peace of mind.

We can take you to visit a local customer to give you a first hand experience.

We have many long time high profile customers throughout the UK and worldwide who we have been partnered with for decades (including Nissan, Proctor & Gamble, Kerry Foods, Aggregate Industries, Birdseye, Veolia and more than 50 Airports across the world.

We can fit your schedule

If lead time is important to you we can often accelerate our process to fit in with your schedule. If your site needs to maintain operation, we will fit around times to suit you to minimise disruption.

Because we manufacture all of our doors, we don’t rely on third parties or imports to determine our lead time.

We build doors to suit you

Don’t just take our word for it…

Speedor Storm high speed external doors

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