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Do you want to work for a company that recognises the value of each individual? People are at the heart of our business, and by providing the tools and resources to grow staff personally and professionally, we aim to build the best teams.

The key strengths that set us apart from other companies is our flexibility, innovation, experience and knowledge gained over the past 75years of business. We are a financially stable business and provide the security and reliability you need from a job.

With a short chain of command, the management team are always available to every member of staff. We all share in the family vision of continual improvement for the collective benefit of the employees, company and customers.

We are investing in the future. Check out our latest vacancies if you would like to join our ever-expanding team.


Staff testimonials

"I have worked for Hart for 15 years starting full time in 2007. I went on maternity leave in 2010 and returned part-time in 2011 which suited me, as I could still take my daughter to nursery/school and be there to collect her. Hart has always been flexible when it comes to family and has been a great support to me over the years. As a family run business you feel like part of the family, and we have a great team of people who work well together."

Lindsey Soulsby

Sales Administrator

"My journey with Hart started over 30 years ago, and during that time I have had a direct impact on progress covering design, process, sales, exporting and logistics. I do remember the 'working from the back of a fag packet' era and have witnessed the progress over the many years at Hart. Working with some brilliant and inspiring people over the years has definitely helped raise the bar and the team ethos helps recognise anyone can make a difference. The size of the business has always been an attraction as we can undertake world-class projects but also have the capability to provide bespoke solutions when required, which is a fantastic resource to have in your back pocket. Additionally, the 'can do' attitude that surrounds Hart has always been a major draw and enables success on many levels."

John Loftus

Export Manager