Architects and Specifiers

Working with you on industrial door specification to provide technical advice and support for your clients

We will work with you from the early stages to provide technical advice and support to help you specify the right door for the application. Our doors seamlessly integrate with your designs to give your client the best possible solution.

Working with Hart during the design stage gives you access to years of engineering knowledge and expertise, helping you to specify a custom range of industrial doors suited to many varied applications.

As an architect or specifier, you understand the importance of an established and experienced manufacturer, and the relationship you build with us when working on industrial door specification is vital.  We are more than happy for you to give us a call if you can’t find the specification you are looking for, as we have decades of involvement with architects delivering complex solutions.

Due to the quality of our products and the support we offer, our industrial roller shutters and high-speed doors are specified throughout the UK.

Our products are on NBS Source, allowing you to find detailed product specification data, product literature and drawings, helping you to work smarter and faster to produce high-quality specifications.

Speedor Storm high speed external doors

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Together we can help you choose the best industrial door solution for your premises.

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Advice and support

We will work with you each step of the way to ensure your client gets what they need.

Custom design

Each door is made to measure and specified to your customer requirements. If you can’t find a product on the market, we have extensive experience of designing new solutions.

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You can trust that our doors conform to the highest quality and safety standards as we seek advice from industry experts to ensure our products are fully tested and compliant to the latest UK and international accreditations.

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Engineering expertise

With over 75 years in the business, you won’t find a door company with more experience than us. We will only advise the best possible solution for your designs.

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Quality products

Not all doors are created equally. We don’t want to look bad, and we don’t want you to look bad for specifying the wrong or low-quality products. Our doors are designed for durability and functionality and we only use the highest quality components to build our doors.

Don’t just take our word for it…