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Rolling shutter doors for industrial use

Rolling shutter doors by Hart: quality engineering, built for endurance

Are you looking for durable rolling shutter doors? Look no further than Hart Doors. Our roller shutters are available in all sizes, specifications and colours to suit virtually any application.

Hart rolling shutter doors are designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest quality and safety standards. Our roller shutters can be manufactured in solid steel or aluminium, with optional insulation. They are used in a huge range of industrial and commercial premises, banks, museums, schools, universities, for windows, doors and serveries. In fact, anywhere that requires protection from physical attack and fire, compartmentalisation, high wind resistance or insulation.

Available in sizes up to 10m, our roller shutters can be manufactured with light or heavy-duty wind resistance, low or high use, standard or high speed. They can be manufactured in a choice of plastisol or powder coat finishes, in a variety of colours. Automatic or manual electric operation is available, as are a range of safety devices for pedestrian use, all complying with the Machinery Directive 2008.

industrial shutters and roller doors by Hart Doors

Our industrial electric roller shutters are economic, strong, long lasting, and easy to repair. Multi-purpose, they suit a wide range of commercial applications.

With over 75 years' industry experience, we provide the best service by tailoring our conveyor roller shutter doors to your requirements.

Hart offers a range of reliable custom insulated roller shutters. Insulation is vital for improving thermal efficiency and creating an energy-saving environment.

Hart's high-performance Typhoon roller shutter is a wind-resistant, robust, electrically operated roller shutter. It is perfect for high security in areas exposed to tropical storms.

As the longest established British manufacturer of high-speed doors, Hart offers a reliable high speed insulated roller shutter.

Hart Typhoon are engineered to provide unparalleled protection against the forces of nature, however extreme they may be

Durable & practical rolling shutter doors

Our industrial roller shutters are built with longevity in mind – giving you peace of mind that once the shutter is in place, you can forget about it.

Our extensive product knowledge and ability to tackle complex sites helps companies create safer workplaces for staff and customers.

With more than 75 years of experience delivering roll shutter doors throughout the UK and internationally, we are committed to giving you the best service and solutions. Buying British-made industrial rolling shutter doors from Hart gives a long-term cost advantage, as well as service and maintenance support and immediate availability of parts.

Benefits of Hart roll shutter doors

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Advantages of roller shutters for doors

The rolling shutter doors market is changing. Roller shutters have long been associated with security, protecting buildings of all shapes and sizes, namely factories, warehouse units, plants, logistics centres and other industrial units. Today, these pioneering doors can deliver a variety of benefits to businesses, with structures that incorporate:

  • Insulating layers
  • Safety systems
  • Increased heating controls
  • Defence against corrosive atmospheres
  • Protection against experienced attempts of forced entry

With modern rolling shutter doors, it’s much easier to find a door that’s ideal for your particular application. Some of the key benefits include:

Heightened security

Roll shutter doors provide excellent structural strength, with exceptional wind resistance. The solid build is enough to deter most seasoned burglars, whilst the highest quality rolling shutter doors can withstand forced-entry attempts. For most warehouses and factories in the UK, roller shutters deliver a vital layer of security to protect premises, people and assets.

Streamlined functionality

Investing in a robust, economical and long-lasting rolling shutter door means little if it only hinders your workflow. Fortunately, today’s industrial roller shutters operate quickly and efficiently, and can be paired with safety devices and traffic lights to ensure hassle-free and safe use. This can play an essential role in improving access for workers whilst providing better use of space. For example, vehicles can be parked right up to roll shutter doors, so goods can be loaded and unloaded efficiently, which is crucial for warehouses and distribution centres.


Many businesses require a degree of privacy, and there are not many doors that come close to rolling shutters in terms of preventing onlookers from seeing what’s going on inside. Soundproofing can also be included to ensure noise does not spread outside of your building.

Simple operation

Factories, laboratories, power stations, chemical plants and production lines all have different needs. Simple operation is crucial, especially with roller shutter doors likely to be operated regularly. Previously, the majority of roll shutter doors were operated manually, using a chain system; however, new models often feature high-speed automatic operation as standard, and can be operated remotely via a hand-held transmitter.

Fire protection

Statistics show that in 2016-17 there were over 19,000 fires in UK businesses with about 30% being deliberate. While the industrial sector faces a higher risk of fires breaking out because of the nature of the work, fires cost lives (as well as money) for all industries. With certified fire roller shutters for doors, it’s possible to limit the spread of a fire, preventing it from spreading throughout your premises, and to other buildings.


Hart Doors remains at the forefront of designing and developing ground-breaking rolling shutter doors to businesses across the globe, covering the critical areas of energy, efficiency, security and fire. If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of roll shutter doors, or you want to explore our product catalogue, get in touch with a member of our team today. We can guide you through the products most suited to your requirements, taking your objectives, budget and processes into account.

Top quality and durable roll shutter doors

Our roller shutters for doors give you the peace of mind that once the door is in place, you can forget about it.

Our in-depth industrial rolling shutter door industry experience, product knowledge, and ability to tackle complex site challenges can help companies create safer workplaces for their staff and customers.

We are committed to giving you the best service and solutions. Buying British-made industrial roll shutter doors from Hart gives a long term cost advantage, as well as service and maintenance support and immediate availability of parts.

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Whatever you are looking for, Hart doors are ideal for all building types. Our range of high-speed doors and fire and security shutters are in daily use in sectors such as energy, high security, logistics, leisure, manufacturing and transport.

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