Hart industrial roller doors: tailor-made for warehouses

Industrial roller doors are ideal for warehouses due to their numerous advantages in efficiency, security, and customisation.

Engineered to meet the unique demands of warehouse environments, Hart roller doors provide a unique blend of functionality and durability that enhances overall operational performance:

Enhanced efficiency

One of the primary benefits of industrial roller doors is their ability to enhance efficiency within a warehouse setting.

Our high-speed roller doors are designed for rapid operation, thereby minimising the time they remain open.

By allowing compartmentalisation, the doors help maintain internal conditions. By reducing the loss of heat or cool air, they can also significantly lower energy costs.

Furthermore, we also offer a range of reliable insulated shutters that can:

  • Improve thermal efficiency
  • Reduce your carbon footprint
  • Help create an energy-saving environment

Improved security

Security is a major concern for warehouses and industrial settings, and our robust roller doors deliver a vital layer of security.

Whilst their solid build and appearance are enough to deter most seasoned burglars, our high-quality rolling shutter doors are also built to withstand forced-entry attempts. They provide a crucial physical barrier against attack using various tools.

Versatility and customisation

Hart industrial roller doors are highly versatile and can be customized to meet your specific needs, ensuring they fit perfectly within any warehouse layout.

We offer many areas for customisation:

  • Sizes up to 10m
  • Steel or aluminium
  • Light or heavy-duty wind resistance
  • Low-use or high-volume operation
  • Standard or high speed
  • Plastisol or powder coat in a variety of colours
  • Automatic or manual electric operation
  • ATEX compliance

Additionally, our industrial roller doors are available with a range of safety devices for pedestrian use, all complying with the Machinery Directive 2008.

Is the door you need is not available on the market? Speak with us and we can collaborate on a design that meets your needs.

Built to last

Hart roller shutter doors are designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest quality and safety standards.

To ensure they can withstand the rigors of daily warehouse use, our doors and shutters are constructed from durable materials that offer excellent resistance to wear and tear.

As a result, this durability translates to a longer lifespan and reduced maintenance costs, whilst minimising downtime and keeping warehouse operations running efficiently.

Noise and environmental control

In busy warehouse environments, reducing noise pollution can improve working conditions for employees

Therefore, a significant advantage of our industrial roller doors is their ability to control noise, dust, and vermin.

Crucially, our external roller doors can be fitted with seals that help control odours and air pollution, contributing to a healthier workplace.

Compliance and certification

Our industrial roller doors are tested and certified to meet various safety and quality standards.

For example, our high-security Typhoon storm shutter range is designed to comply with the current British and EEC safety regulations.

Need a custom industrial roller door solution? Speak to Hart

Hart Doors designs ground-breaking roller shutter doors for businesses across the globe, covering the critical areas of energy, efficiency, security and fire.

To learn more about the benefits of our industrial roller shutter doors for your warehouse or premises, get in touch with a member of our team today.

Hart industrial roller doors: tailor-made for warehouses