Mid-range industrial door solutions: introducing the Speedor Eco

Part of our Speedor® high-speed industrial door range, the Speedor Eco is an economical and efficient mid-level roller door access solution. Let’s take a look…

High performance, innovative design

At the heart of the Speedor Eco is its British-manufactured innovative design.

Our mid-range industrial door solutions are engineered to streamline traffic flow internally and externally within industrial settings.

Maximum environmental control

One of the standout features of the Speedor Eco is its ability to provide rapid open and close cycles, ensuring maximum environmental control and energy usage reduction.

Drive options come in single-speed or variable speed ranging from 0.66mps up to 1.2mps with a state-of-the-art control panel providing fully automatic operation.

This swift operation minimizes heat loss or gain and can contributes to cost savings over time, making these roller doors a financially savvy choice for businesses looking to optimize their operations while reducing their carbon footprint.

Enhanced strength and durability

Constructed from galvanized steel, Eco roller doors boast enhanced strength and durability, capable of withstanding frequent use in high-traffic situations.

The robust construction of this industrial door not only ensures long-term reliability but will also sustain thousands of opening and closing cycles.

Reliability, efficiency and convenience

Speedor Eco roller doors are designed to provide a neat, convenient and safe access solution, lowering the cost of ownership with many years of use and low maintenance costs.

Easy to repair and operate, an Eco industrial door can be designed with options that allow clean and efficient automatic operation including:

  • Push buttons
  • Induction loops
  • Photocells
  • Movement sensors
  • Pull cords
  • Hand held or vehicle-mounted radio transmitters
  • Radar

An access solution designed for you

A Hart Doors industrial door is designed to provide you with the best service by tailoring it to your requirements and needs.

With its lightweight 900 gram PVC coated textile door curtain, the Eco delivers a great low-cost door access option. 

It can be custom-sized up to 5000 mm, in a choice of five colours. A heavier-duty curtain option is also available.

Engineered for safety

Safety is paramount in any industrial setting, and the Speedor Eco is engineered with the highest levels of safety features to protect against accidents and injuries. This includes:

  • Optical touch-sensitive safety bottom edge
  • Light curtain
  • Safety photocells
  • Movement sensors
  • Presence sensors
  • Laser detection
  • Traffic lights
  • Audible warning

The highest compliance standards

The Speedor Eco is rigorously tested and certified for full compliance with industry standards, including UKAC/CE approval for complete standard conformity.

This certification underscores the quality of a Hart industrial door, as well as its reliability and adherence to stringent safety regulations.

With Hart you can be assured of a dependable door solution for your operations.

An efficient mid-range industrial door for every business

Whether you have a busy warehouse, manufacturing facility, or distribution center, the Speedor Eco offers unmatched performance in managing the movement of personnel and equipment and enhancing operational efficiency.

Get in touch to discuss how we can help you solve logistical challenges with a completely tailored high-speed industrial door solution.

Mid-range industrial door solutions: introducing the Speedor Eco