Roller door installations you can rely on: spotlight on the Speedor Storm

A roller door can make a huge difference to high-traffic environments where reliability is paramount – and Hart’s Speedor Storm stands out as a top choice. Read on to find out more…

The roller door for demanding environments

Speedor Storm is a high-performance exterior fabric roller door designed to withstand rigorous usage and harsh conditions, with moisture-controlled electrics and mechanical components shielded from dust and dirt.

Constructed with galvanized steel, the Storm roller door boasts enhanced strength and durability, ensuring longevity even in the most challenging settings.

It delivers exceptional wind resistance in exposed areas, and its unique guide system offers up to class 5 as defined by DIN EN 12424.

A roller door designed for efficiency

One of the key advantages of the Speedor Storm is its high-speed opening and closing roller mechanism which ensures:

  • Control of internal temperatures
  • Efficient energy usage
  • Optimised traffic flow
  • Reduced dirt, odour and noise escaping

Reliable and safe

All Hart roller doors are engineered to provide the highest levels of protection for personnel and equipment.

The Speedor Storm is tested and certified for full compliance and it meets rigorous safety standards.

Furthermore, it is UKAC/CE approved, ensuring full conformity with industry standards.

Speedor Storm installation at Newcastle Airport

In airports, where reliability, efficiency, and energy usage are critical factors, the Speedor Storm has proved to be an indispensable asset.

As part of a recent collaboration with our partner Key Property Solutions, Hart installed four high-speed Speedor Storms at Newcastle Airport.

These external roller doors are operated seamlessly via induction floor loops and push buttons equipped with traffic lights, ensuring smooth operation and efficient traffic management.

The project is a testament to the reliability and performance of the Storm and we were able to install them efficiently during the night to minimize disruption to airport operations.

Tough and efficient roller doors from Hart

The Speedor Storm’s robust construction, coupled with advanced features, ensures seamless operation and long-term performance, making it the preferred choice for demanding applications and high-traffic environments.

Setting the standard for roller doors, it provides unmatched value and peace of mind to users worldwide.

Get in touch today to discuss a roller door solution for your premises.

Roller door installations you can rely on: spotlight on the Speedor Storm