Manual vs Electric Roller Shutters – Which One Do You Need?

Roller shutters are a popular type of industrial door. There are two types available – manual and electric. Electric roller shutter doors have many benefits, including fast opening speeds, enhanced security and excellent levels of insulation.

They are a more popular choice than manual doors, which are slower and more difficult to open. Learn more about the differences and work out which type of roller door will be best for you.

An Overview of Manual and Electric Roller Shutters

Made up of individual slats, Roller shutters Doors open vertically by rolling up around a barrel. They’re usually made of a material like steel or aluminium.

You open a manual roller shutter using a crank or winder. Operate electric shutters using a button, remote control, they can also open automatically.

Should you Choose Manual Roller Shutters?

Manual roller shutters are more difficult to use than their electric counterparts, as they need to be opened by hand.

This means they’re not suitable for many commercial and industrial environments, where speed, efficiency and automation of processes are important factors.

While they may be cheaper than an electric roller shutter door, they simply can’t deliver the same levels of practicality or usability.

Should you Choose Electric Roller Shutters?

Electric roller shutters have many benefits. Here are some of the key ones:

  • Speed and convenience – if you need a door that will open and close quickly, this is without a doubt the most efficient option
  • Security and insulation – the speed at which electric shutters open and close can make them suitable for high security and temperature regulated environments
  • Safety – automatic shutters can be fitted with safety devices to halt them straight away, helping to prevent accidents occurring

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