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Hart roller shutters are hugely flexible, available in all sizes, specifications and colours to suit virtually any applications.

Hart industrial shutters are designed and manufactured in the UK to the highest quality and safety standards. Our roller shutters can be manufactured in solid steel or aluminium, with optional insulation. They are used everywhere in industrial and commercial premises, banks, museums, schools, universities, for windows, doors and serveries – in fact, anywhere that requires protection from physical attack and fire, compartmentalisation, high wind resistance or insulation.

Hart roller shutter doors are available in sizes up to 10m, light or heavy-duty wind resistance, low use or high volume operation, standard or high speed, plastisol or powder coat in a variety of colours, automatic or manual electric operation with a range of safety devices for pedestrian use, all complying with the Machinery Directive 2008.


Our Range of Industrial Roller Shutters


Benefits of a Hart Roller Shutter


  •   High Performance

    A high performance, innovative and robust design able to hold integrity for a desired length of time in the event of attack or fire. Tried and tested durability requiring minimal maintenance.

  •   Insurance Assured

    Attack and fire prevention methods such as security shutters provide a physical barrier reducing the risk of damage and theft to your premises which can directly influence your insurance premiums.

  •   Increased Security

    Security shutters are not only a visual deterrent, they also provide a physical barrier against attack using various tools.

  •   Temparature Control

    Roller shutters not only secure your premises form attack from humans, they are robustly engineered to provide resistance against bad weather conditions such as strong wind and rain allowing you to control the temperature in your building.


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Quality and longevity of product

Industrial doors can cause many problems if not made with quality in mind. Our roller shutters give you the peace of mind that once the door is in place, you can forget about it.

Our in-depth industrial and commercial door industry experience, product knowledge, and ability to tackle complex site challenges can help companies create safer workplaces for their staff and customers.

We have over 75 years of experience delivering industrial doors throughout the UK and internationally. We are committed to giving you the best service and solutions. Buying British made industrial doors from Hart gives a long term cost advantage, as well as service and maintenance support and immediate availability of parts.


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