High Speed Doors – Fast Acting, Rapid Roll

High performance, innovative and robust for Commercial & Industrial use

Hart offers a comprehensive range of high speed roller doors to suit a wide range of commercial applications. Robustly engineered for frequent use in high-traffic situations, our tried and tested Speedor range of vertical fast action doors are used internally or externally to optimise traffic flow, improve working conditions and save energy.

Hart has a high speed door to suit every application, whether light internal use or heavy industrial use. Hart rapid roll doors are custom made to your requirements. We will advise the correct specification and functions for your needs and provide you with a detailed quotation. As the original British high speed door manufacturer, every Speedor that we manufacture meets the highest levels of quality and safety. Each door is manufactured to ISO 9001:2015 and CE/UKCA approved, offering long term durability.



Benefits of High Speed Doors


  •   Improved efficiency

    Fast opening allows for the swift passage of traffic while at the same time managing the flow and giving a greater degree of control. The time saved by using faster opening doors when moving around a building will really add up, making a noticeable difference.

  •   Energy Saving

    Our Speed doors don’t have any tested thermal performance, however contribute greatly to saving energy withing the building by keeping the heat inside the building.

  •   Vermin and dust control

    These doors can improve airflow and prevent the passage of dust and other debris into areas where there may be sensitive production processes, or where machinery needs to operate in a clean and safe environment. This also improves the air quality for people who are entering the building. Thanks to their high speed operation, these doors can also provide effective pest control.

  •   Increased Security

    Increased security through controlled access and egress during working hours

  •   Internal and external applications

    They can be used flexibly in a range of environments. They can be made to suit internal applications, as well as being robust enough for external use.High speed doors from quality manufacturers are very safe to use and easy to maintain. They can also become a core part of safe working operations, creating a safety barrier between hazardous areas and other parts of a building.
    These doors are versatile, robust and reliably engineered, providing many advantages over other types of doors and shutters and offering excellent value for money.


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Advantages Of High Speed Doors

High speed doors are perfect for applications that need to optimise the flow of traffic, improve room conditions or save energy. From cold storage warehouses to manufacturing sites, loading bays, factories and recycling centres; high speed doors can serve many different purposes and functions.

Ease of access

For most businesses operating in the industrial sector, speed is critical. Traditionally large roller shutters were rather heavy and slow, but high-speed doors guarantee rapid operation, allowing workers and vehicles to move into different areas quickly. As a result, employees are less likely to slow down processes or cause disruptions.

Improve room conditions

With fast opening/closing speeds and an excellent seal, it’s much easier to create favourable room conditions. Many pharmaceutical applications, food processing sites and clean rooms demand specialist high-speed doors to keep contaminants at bay, contain gas, maintain stable pressure conditions and control air consumption. All of this is made possible with the right set of high-speed doors. You can, therefore, understand why they are critical for ensuring maximum safety and performance.

Noise Reduction

With excellent insulation, high-speed doors not only reduce your energy bills but also provide impressive noise reduction. Heavy machinery, vehicles and specialist equipment can, therefore, be filtered out, making for more pleasant working conditions, potentially leading to heightened productivity.

Energy Efficiency

Many businesses have improved energy saving and efficiency with high-speed doors, with management teams keen to cut avoidable heat losses. Due to the speed in which high-speed doors operate, there is less time for heat to escape, meaning it’s much easier to maintain the right temperature in your building. As a result, there is reduced demand on ventilation, heating, cooling, humidification and drying systems.


These type of doors are ideal for internal and external openings as well as walls, facades and divisions. They can protect all manner of working environments while solving complex problems of separation and delimitation, as well as optimising traffic flows. Whether you’re looking for doors that are safe, fast, reliable, user-friendly or robust, you can enjoy all of these advantages and more with high-speed doors.

Quality and longevity of product

Industrial doors can cause many problems if not made with quality in mind. Our high speed doors are simply better giving you the peace of mind that once the door is in place you can forget about it.

Our roller shutters rapid doors have a life expectancy of over 20 years.

Some of our doors are still in operation after 30 years. Because our doors are reliable it means less repairs, less down time and less cost to you in the long run.

Our rapid roll doors have thicker curtain material made of a multilayer PVC textile (2400 g/m², 2mm thick) so it lasts longer and is less likely to split and tear.

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