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Industrial Doors Products and Solutions

High speed automatic doors

Hart’s Speedor range of high-speed, automatic, doors are reliable and robustly engineered for frequent use in high-traffic situations. They can be used internally or externally and the applications are almost limitless across the range of manufacturing sectors – for busy, high-traffic, situations, energy saving, clean room, warehouse/loading bays, vermin and dust control, heat sensitive production processes, safety and so on.

Fire doors & roller shutters

Hart Fire doors & roller shutters are manufactured and installed to strict regulations. Hart manufacture & install to both the British and American standards Fire standards. British ones are LPS1056, LPS1271 and tested to BS476 Part 22, third party certified by the LPCB and in their Red book cert Nos. 16a, & 16b. American ones are NFPA 80 Fire shutter standards and UL listed on their website. The international quality standard ISO 9001:2008 again this third part certified system is maintained by Hart. 30, 60, 90, 120 and 240 minute fire resistance options are available along with radiance reducing insulation capability.

Security & grilles shutters

Shutters Grilles and doors for commercial and industrial applications in Shops, offices, factories, Schools, Hospitals, surgeries and universities, from servery counters to very large industrial doors.

Anywhere secure storage and easy access is required whilst providing protection against vandalism, burglary and pilfering. Sectional overhead, roller shutters, hinged, folding, bi-folding, in Steel or aluminium insulated or non insulated, specific colour finishes, features and accessories, operated by key locks or automated systems with full safety protection for users and operators.

Industrial Doors

Convenient safe access to buildings through industrial doors can be attained by designing the control system to meet specific needs. Easy access or security controlled, manual or automatic, insulated or non insulated, high speed or low speed, heavy duty or light duty. If a door is open more than closed any amount of insulation will not provide a good U factor, preventing the passage of expensively heated air is more important, this can be attained by automation. Dimensions available nominally from 1m to 10m in width. All doors comply with the machinery directive 2008.

Unique design, innovative solutions

Hart Door Systems’ has an enviable reputation for designing door solutions that often require innovative engineering design, prototyping and rigorous testing through a dedicated, in-house, facility to develop technical solutions for specific clients’ needs. Typical examples include a high-speed smoke/fire/security screen for use at over 58 check-in facilities at Terminal 5, Heathrow, doors for Dubai Metro and presently sophisticated door solutions for a major UK car plant and pressure resisting high speed fabric oven doors and automatic machine guarding doors for Nissan car plant.


Hart's installation service covers all HDS products with technical support for customers through fully trained Hart electricians who have extensive product training supported by a computer-based control system that optimises resources. There is a Maintenance & Lifetime Warranty package that emphasises Hart’s product quality and the need to establish a routine for regular servicing required under the Machinery Directive and BS/EU standards’ legal requirements which if ignored carry potential for criminal liability.

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Manufacturer of industrial & commercial roll up doors

Welcome to Hart Door Systems, a specialist engineering company with a history of 65 years continuous trading, that delivers doors on time to specification, to ISO 9001:2008 international quality standard.

Hart manufacture a range of industrial doors and commercial roll up doors from 1 meter to 20 meters for Energy conservation, Fire and security all with unique features and options to cover any specification requirements, globally. Hart manufacture and install Fire shutters to British and European BS:EN certification and are USA UL listed. Atex compliant variants are available for all doors.

Hart has a tradition for innovative engineering and offer to design bespoke industrial doors and commercial door systems including prototyping, testing and third part certification, to satisfy any client needs. Specialist requirements interfacing with conveyors, machine guards and security are what we do. We are here to help, contact us through our email, Telephone 44 (0)191 214 0404 or fax 44 (0)191 271 1611.

Odour Prevention

Another solution from Hart

Faced with the escape of odours over neighbouring housing, an Essex-based company opted for a solution provided by Hart Door Systems.

Hart’s sales manager, Julian Britnell, explains that an established client of Hart Door Systems, with a depot in Essex, was experiencing issues with vapour and smoke escaping from an open- ended building while lorries were being loaded with tarmac.


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