Hart Door Systems
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Roller doors, shutters and custom high speed door systems:
Helping industry to take control of its environment, fire and security risks

Our high speed doors help companies to improve their productivity, reduce their energy consumption, control their environment (temperature, pressure, pests, contaminants) and protect their business. We do this whilst also keeping Total Cost of Ownership as low as possible through long lasting products and effective, low cost maintenance contracts. We want to help you to make more profit.


We do this by providing high speed doors that perfectly suit your company’s environment, operations and needs. We make specific doors for applications including high speed (control of environment, energy efficiency and clean room), shutters for fire protection, security and high security, as well as hybrids (like security and fire protection shutters combined). Also made to order specialist doors. We have worked with many clients who have not been able to find the door they wanted elsewhere; designing something specifically for their needs. This engineering skill is brought to all projects that we work on in some way.

Our Products
Hart Door Systems (HDS) is at the forefront of waste control through its energy-saving range of high-speed, automatic doors. There is an increasing demand for door systems to help operators work sympathetically with their neighbours. HDS has developed a range of large large high-speed doors which are ideal for the waste management sector, typically Energy from Wast...
High performance industrial door specialist Hart Door Systems has teamed up with Sir Robert McAlpine to deliver a range of doors a...

A wind resistant high speed industrial door is ready for anything: The Speedor Storm

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