Nissan Battery Plant

Bespoke conveyor screens for manufacturing facility

An innovative door design was required for a new manufacturing process about to be introduced in the new Nissan battery plant manufacturing facility.

The challenge

Nissan required a unique door for a new production facility. The doors needed to give 60-minute fire resistance and be capable of completing up to 400,000 open/close cycles a year. Further, the doors needed to meet strict air leakage criteria and be able to withstand sudden air-pressure increases. The doors also had to interface with third-party equipment such as conveyor belt controls and fire alarms. Each required an LCD display control panel that provided a quick and easy diagnosis of what each door was doing at any point in time.

Project / doors required

  • 100 bespoke conveyor screens

Project challenges

case studies collaboration


Connect to external systems

case studies specification

Advanced specification

Unique technical capabilities

case studies service excellence

Reliable construction

High quality design to minimise repair needs

The solution

Using an already proven design solution which Hart developed for the baggage handling system in Heathrow’s Terminal 5, Hart adapted the product to suit this new requirement. As this was not a product already on offer, invention and rigorous testing were required.

The success

A decade has passed since the doors were installed and commissioned. The facility continues the manufacture of the battery cells and the doors remain a critical part of the success of the plant and have proved exceptional reliability and total cost of ownership.

The review

“The Hart team demonstrated exceptional skill levels throughout the project and I’m proud and delighted to say this innovative solution was installed on time, to the client’s unique requirements, and within budget.”

Nick Hart, Hart Doors Managing Director

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