Ready for the Storm? Hart’s wind-resistant high-speed industrial door is

Hart’s wind-resistant high-speed industrial door, the Speedor Storm is ready for anything the weather can throw at it.

Whatever the weather, business must go on of course. That’s where we come in.

If you have a factory, warehouse, storage facility or any kind of plant operation that must be open frequently for people and traffic, then this could be the door for you.

Wind resistance is available up to ‘wind class 5’ as defined by DIN EN 12424. This means that it can withstand winds of up to 70mph.

This is available for large external openings up to 8m x 8m.

Whether it’s access for deliveries, forklifts or people, there are far too many businesses that leave major entrances open for an unnecessary time. The knock-on effect is wasted heating, higher costs and a less than optimal working environment.

Hart's wind-resistant high-speed industrial door, Speedor Storm

The Speedor Storm is designed specifically to take care of this. It can help with:

  • Productivity – because entering and leaving can be done rapidly.
  • A better environment in which to work because of the high-speed operation, even on large doors means there are no unnecessary open periods.
  • Protection from the elements, including withstanding winds of up to 70mph. Perfect for exposed areas.
  • Lower energy consumption – important as the cost of energy shows little sign of improving.
  • Low Lifecycle Cost because this is a robust design and construction, made in the UK at our Newcastle factory and our teams of engineers throughout the UK provide reliable servicing and maintenance.

Whilst other Speedors are available for a wide range of applications, the Speedor Storm offers particular advantages in wind resistance. This is delivered via its unique guide system in combination with other carefully designed features.

Its strength comes from multi-layer PVC and textile; both long-lasting and tear-resistant. Horizontal curtain braces add additional wind resistance. Seals are a key feature and are provided by a combination of PVC extrusion and rubber draught seal to minimise floor deviations.

Good looks can be maintained as it’s scratch-resistant and easy to clean.

Speedor Storm has been in particular demand from waste processing plants and renewable energy facilities such as Anaerobic Digestion (AD) plants that produce energy from waste. The ability to limit the escape of odour and prevent pests entering is highly valued by such companies. Their neighbours also agree!

It is also a great option for ports and for grain tipping bays.

Wind resistant industrial doors

Safety features are of course paramount, and here they include a pressure-sensitive bottom edge, anti-fall protection and photocell technology. There is a range of operating methods that include floor loops, radar, photo beam, radio operation, movement sensors, handheld or vehicle-mounted radio transmitters, push button and pull cords. The automatic operation can be set to include or exclude pedestrians as desired. If you need warning lights or klaxons then these can be incorporated as it’s a complete door system and control panel designed for any conceivable need. Integration into a Building Management System is an option.

If you need to be able to see through it, then a vision panel can be incorporated. There is even an ATEX compliant version for those with a risk of explosion due to vapours, dust and fumes.

Hart's wind-resistant high-speed industrial door, Speedor Storm