Handing over the reins to the next generation

We’re delighted to announce that Nick Hart has been appointed as Managing Director, taking over the role from his father, Doug Hart.

After 50 years at the helm, Doug Hart has stepped down as Managing Director and taken the role of Chairman to hand the position of Managing Director to his son, Nick Hart.

Founded in 1946 by Nick’s grandfather, Norman Hart, you may be interested to know the company was originally a manufacturer of awnings and blinds before becoming a specialist in industrial doors.  

In his new role Nick will be responsible for further driving the company’s export strategy forward and strengthening our presence in key markets including food and drink processing, pharmaceuticals, airports and waste management.

We bring generations of engineering experience and product innovation expertise to our customers around the world, helping them to take control of their business environments and ensuring that they can operate productively, efficiently, safely and securely. 

Nick has a degree from Northumbria University in Mechanical Engineering and has been working for the company since he was 16 years old. He always wanted to join the family business and first gained experience working in the factory during school holidays, until he finished his education. Through this, Nick was also able to experience the installation process and spent time on client sites servicing door systems and diagnosing repair work.

Through his degree he had the opportunity to design doors, which also gave him the experience of prototyping, testing and developing the products, including designing a 14-metre high door for Rolls Royce in Hucknall. After spending a further 10 years in various roles in the company – including production manager and quality control manager – he has a deep understanding of door design and manufacture. Nick’s career to date has included working closely with customers worldwide and working across production and maintenance.

During his career with the company Nick has led on landmark projects, including the supply of high speed doors for Nissan’s North East battery plant – the first of its kind in the UK, the supply of 52 doors for Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5 baggage system and supplying over 70 shutters for the London Olympic Stadium.

Nick Hart, Managing Director at Hart Door Systems commented: “It has certainly been an interesting start to my role, as taking over during the coronavirus pandemic was not how I’d planned my first few weeks in charge!

“It has been a challenge to lead the company through this crisis but I am extremely proud of how Hart’s workforce has performed. Demonstrating flexibility and professionalism, we’ve remained operational and have really pulled together to get through these difficult circumstances.

“I’m looking forward to taking the company through the changes that the pandemic will no doubt dictate but also building on our recent export successes and serving key sectors that we work with, including food and drink, pharmaceuticals, airports and energy from waste.

“It’s a real honour to take over the family business, as it has always been my ambition to further the work that my father and grandfather have done in establishing a company with true global reach.”

Doug Hart, Chairman at Hart Door Systems added: “It is such a monumental occasion to be handing over the role of Managing Director to my son. I’ve watched him grow up with this company and he has taken every opportunity to really get involved with all aspects of the business. 

“It’s his knowledge and passion for the company, its employees and customers that make me certain that he will do a fantastic job of leading the company and taking it forward.”

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