Speedor Cleanroom

British manufactured internal high-speed fabric doors for cleanrooms

Cleanroom rapid roll doors for manufacturing and research facilities

Hart Cleanroom flexible high-speed roller doors, part of the high speed door range, are ideally suited to environments with strict air leakage requirements in which air pressure differentials need to be maintained. The Speedor Cleanroom is designed to work in these strictly controlled environments where hygiene standards are high, such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, electronics and micro-mechanics industries.

The main features of the Cleanroom include maintaining strict air leakage requirements over specified pressure differentials. The intelligent control panel with digital display, reliable and clean in-line drive system complete with an integral safety brake and a non-touch safety light curtain ensures maximum protection to personnel. Seals minimise pressure drops and protect your environment against drafts, humidity, dust and dirt. The fast opening and closing speed help control airflow, reducing contaminants.

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Colour Options
Size Options
  • Up to 4m high 
  • Up to 4m wide
Speed Options
  • Standard opening – 1.0m sec
  • Standard closing – 0.4m sec
  • Variable speed options from 0.5mps up to 1.5mps. 

Features & Benefits

  • Controlled air leakage
  • Maintain air pressure differentials
  • Gas Containment
  • Compartmentalisation
  • Highest levels of safety to protect your personnel and equipment
  • Tested and certified for full compliance
  • Fast open and close for maximum environmental control and energy usage reduction
  • Technologically advanced features to boost efficiency

What Hart Has To Offer

1 year warranty
as standard

CE/UKCA mark

Designed and
manufactured in UK

LPCB approved

Design Options

  • Size: Custom- size up to 4000 mm
  • Speed: Variable speed opening at up to 1.5m/s
  • Colour: Yellow, Blue, Red, Green, Grey
  • Safety: Optical touch sensitive safety bottom edge, safety photocells, movement sensors, presence sensors, laser detection, traffic lights, audible warning
  • Operators: Push button, induction loop, photocells, movement sensors, pull cords, hand held or vehicle-mounted radio transmitters, radar
  • Vision Panel

See NBS Specification


  • Pharmaceutical Production
  • Medical Production/ Biotechnology Production
  • Electronics / Semiconductor production
  • Aerospace / Automotive production
  • Chemical / Environmental analysis

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Manufactured to International Standards

Control panel

The Speedor control panel has been designed to provide for all conceivable options required for automatic door operations and interface with vehicles, specialist equipment including conveyors. The control box is steel fabricated and painted RAL 1021, IP54, lever lockable and complete with panel lid mounted isolator and membrane push button. Box is 300 wide 400 high and 155 deep. The inverter drive is 1.5Kw capable of operating the door system providing ramp start & stop and variable drive speeds. The panel is EMC tested and compliant with 89/336/EWG/ 91/263/EWG 92/031/EWG 93/068/EWG, low voltage 72/023/EWG 93/068/ EWG. The relevant standards are EN 50081- 1/03.93 & EN 50081-2/03.94 & EN 61000-6- 2/2001 EN60335-1/2003 type tested to EN12453/2001 EN12445/2001 EN12978/2003

Diagnostic display, panel mounted emergency stop, volt free outputs for control and position indication. Generally all to latest IEE & EEC regulations. See data sheet 111 for complete specification. The control panel enclosure is also available in a stainless steel construction.



Door Dimensions: max 4000 x 4000 mm or a maximum surface area of 16sq meters. All doors are made to measure to specific requirements.


Multilayer 2400g PVC and textile combine to ensure excellent strength, tear-resistance and long life. The curtain has very good isolation properties, high scratch resistance and is easy to clean. Curtain braces can be fixed horizontally within a contrasting PVC pocket which not only offer further strengthening and wind resistance, but also add to the visual appearance of the door system. View Speedor 2mm Twin Layer Fabric Datasheet


To maintain the clean lines of the door system and to ensure maximum safety, the Speedor Cleanroom design incorporates a safety light curtain which operates across the doorway. This light curtain protects the area directly under the moving part of the door ensuring that any object under the door is sensed before any door movement occurs. Another benefit of the safety light curtain system is that is negates the need for a pressure sensitive sensing edge and therefore not only optimises user safety but reduces hygiene risks to an absolute minimum. The light curtain safety system uses category E safety light curtain within an IP67 enclosure which protects the required area under the door system to conform to BSEN12453:2001 and ensures a contactless safety system.

Further options include traffic or warning lights, Klaxons, presence or movement detection systems. This will provide a non-contact safety system in most cases.


Hoods are provided as standard with optional rounded or sloping edges. Barrel Hood, Motor Hood and Infills are available in a range of polyester powder coated finishes. The design of the side frame ensures the closest tolerances possible to maintain pressure seals. Minimal side guide columns offer added installation flexibility for confined areas; while miniscule curtain guide and bottom rail gap ensures lowest possible pressure loss. Top roll and motor covers minimise particle accumulation. Also available in stainless steel


System operators are used to safely raise high-speed doors, these include induction floor loops, photocells, radar, handheld or vehicle-mounted radio transmitters, press buttons or pull cords. Any of these operators can be used individually or in conjunction with others. Optional invisible touch control units are an efficient alternative to push buttons, an ideal hygienic solution for the retail, pharmaceutical, chemical and healthcare sectors. The microwave technology allows for the sensor to be hidden behind every type of non-metallic material for aesthetics and protection against detergent products.

Adjustable Air-leakage

Each cleanroom door is designed with the capability of adjusting the air leakage rates using the integrated adjustable ventilation system.

Battery Backup

Speedor Cleanroom can also be installed with battery backup. This feature ensures that in the event of a mains power failure the door system will still operate as normal or if required can automatically open (or close) and remain there until the mains power is reinstated



Standard opening Speed: 1.0 m/s
Standard Closing Speed:  0.4 m/s

  • Manufactured under ISO 9001:2015
  • Machinery Directive 2008 26/42/EC
  • BSEN 12453 & BSEN12444 the machinery directive safety in use of power operated doors
  • BSEN 12978 Safety devices for power operated doors
  • BSEN 12625 – requirements for the safe installation and use

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