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Our range of specialist high speed doors

Hart's revolutionary high-speed conveyor belt door is suited to specialist applications such as high-frequency conveyor belt systems, providing security, safety and compartmentalisation.

Speedor Cleanroom is a flexible high-speed roller door, designed for environments with strict air leakage requirements, in which air pressure differentials need to be maintained.

Stainless steel in an appropriate grade provides the best long-term solution in salt or corrosive environments or in food production and processing.

Benefits of specialist doors

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Speedor Storm high speed external doors

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High speed doors and shutters for Komatsu

We installed more than 60 high speed doors and shutters for Komatsu, including Speedor Cleanroom, Speedor Storm and electric roller shutters.


Nissan Battery Plant

Conveyor doors developed bespoke for Nissan Battery Plant

100 bespoke conveyor screens were designed for a new manufacturing process at the Nissan battery plant manufacturing facility.


Gatwick Airport

Hart implemented a series of conveyor fire shutters into the new baggage handling system for Gatwick Airport’s South Terminal Pier 1.


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