One mile underground

Found in over 35 countries world-wide Hart’s range of industrial door applications are a common sight. But there has to be a first and it is found one mile underground. 

Working on a ‘dark matter’ project with four international universities, Hart has supplied two Speedor Minis, two insulated roller shutters and two tailor-made Speedor cleanrooms commonly found in clean room installations. “The detail is confidential but we are talking about Europe’s biggest and deepest mine with an eight mile tunnel, capable of taking two-way traffic, reaching out under the North Sea,” explains Nick Hart.

The location is the Boulby Underground Laboratory, the UK’s deep underground science facility. It is one of just a handful of facilities world-wide suitable for hosting ultra-low background and deep underground science projects. Boulby is a special place for science – ‘a quiet place in the Universe’ – where studies can be carried out almost entirely free of interference from natural background radiation enabling studies of cosmic rays and climate, astrobiology and life in extreme environments, development of techniques for deep 3D geological monitoring and studies of radioactivity in the environment to be carried out.

“Yet again Hart is a solution deliverer, capable of designing and manufacturing precise solutions for challenges thrown at us,” says Nick.

Boulby Underground Laboratory