Further airport work for Hart takes-off

Working with Gatwick Airport and the Beumer Group, which provides fully integrated automated high-speed airport baggage handling systems for small, medium, and large airports world-wide, Hart Door Systems has created a unique solution to sealing a fire shutter around the conveyor without a break in the belt system.

Usually conveyor systems would have a break in the conveyor to allow a fire shutter to drop through the gap and seal the opening. This can cause an issue with luggage which can become snagged in the gap. By developing a fully certified fire shutter with an underside enclosed seal Hart provided the perfect solution with the additional benefit that Hart is the only company in UK to offer either BS or UL compliance.

The Hart designed fire shutter allows for a continuous belt and conveyor system which meets very stringent rules required on fire shutters for conveyor systems and it is the first time that this type of fire shutter has been fitted in the UK.

Rapid doors at Gatwick Airport