Hart Doors reveals its super- advanced security shutter

With a history of developing its own range of advanced industrial doors such as its Speedor high-speed doors, demand from South East Asia has led Hart Doors to develop a new version of its Typhoon security shutters range which can withstand wind speeds of circa 165mph.

“With our knowledge of the intense pressures generated by powerful storms we decided to develop the Typhoon shutter even further, urged on by our contacts in South East Asia,” says Doug Hart, Chairman, Hart Door Systems.

“The result has been remarkable. For the purpose of testing we trawled Europe for a suitable third-party testing facility and found just one that was capable and that was in south west Germany. Given the time, distance and costs that would be incurred we designed and built our own test rig.

Hart Doors typhoon test
Typhoon door

“With a steel cage adequate for the pressures, retaining a flexible pressure vessel with a 8m wide and 2.5m high shutter for testing, we were able to sustain pressures at 5050 pascals, equivalent to the pressures generated by a Typhoon blowing at around 165mph.”

Mr Hart added: “This is a remarkable achievement. We have been able to design and construct a security shutter that can withstand some of the highest wind speeds known.

“With the so much interest in the protective qualities of our Typhoon shutters, and now the ability to withstand exceptional wind pressures, we are confident of more demand from parts of the world where storms up to severe Typhoons/Hurricanes are found.”

Super advanced security shuttter