Typhoon roller shutter doors supplied globally

Typhoons, also known as tropical cyclones or hurricanes, are intense circular storms that originate over warm tropical oceans posing great risk to life and property damage. They are one of the most destructive and frightening weather phenomena.

Typhoons and Super Typhoons are referred to by different names depending on where they originate in the world.

  • Hurricanes occur in the Atlantic Ocean and the eastern north Pacific Ocean.
  • Typhoons occur in the western Pacific Ocean.
  • Tropical cyclones occur in the south Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean.

Studies show that intense cyclones, storms, and typhoons are increasing due to the warming climate and will continue for the foreseeable future. As a result, there is a pressing need to adapt and put procedures in place to protect people, businesses, and property.

Hart Doors Systems can supply Typhoon Resistant Roller Shutters all around the globe.

Tested up to 4,000 Pa – Super Typhoon and Hurricane Class 5.

Typhoon resistant roller doors