What are the different types of industrial doors?

From roller shutters to high speed and hangar doors, there are many different types of industrial doors. With immense technological advancements in recent years, it’s become incredibly easy to find the right model, no matter the application.

Many leading manufacturers such as Hart Doors provide pioneering designs. These can be adapted to function precisely as you need them to. Meeting stringent quality, security and safety requirements. Below we’ve touched on a few of the main industrial door types.

Roller Shutter Doors

As one of the most popular types, roller shutters deliver proven performance, flexibility, and simple operation. You’ll discover many of these industrial doors installed in a wide variety of buildings.

These include industrial units, warehouses, retail stores, garages, hospitals, surgeries, bars and restaurants. Roller doors or window shutters consist of many horizontal slats (or sometimes bars or web systems). These are hinged together, sliding up and down through tracks into a tight roll.

Roller shutters can be insulated whilst you can often choose between electric or manual operation.

High Speed Doors / Rapid Roll Doors

Conserve the heat inside a building or maintain a set temperature with high speed doors. They provide fast, vertical operation yet they’re very durable too.

Depending on the model, the rapid operation can prevent cross-contamination or facilitate a flow-through of traffic to increase productivity.

Flexible curtains are common for the food processing sector. But high speed roller shutter doors can provide even more benefits. These include temperature control, security, noise reduction, reduced energy costs and an improved carbon footprint.

PVC Curtains

As a very simple industrial door, PVC curtains are lightweight and less expensive than roller shutters and high-speed doors.

They are designed to hang from the top of doorways. And can be used in conjunction with other external doors to ensure an insulating yet flexible barrier. Protecting workers from draughts, dust and contaminants.

Sectional Doors

Sectional doors are like roller shutter doors in many ways. They are made of large panels and can operate in a vertical motion.

With larger panels, there is the opportunity to include windows or door access. These doors are ideal if you need security and smooth operation, and a good amount of natural daylight.

Many of these doors can also help to reduce energy usage because of their excellent thermal performance.

Entrance Doors

Designed for frequent use, entrance doors are manufactured to deliver excellent strength, security and style.

Look is a key consideration across all of these door types. However, entrance doors in particular can enhance the beauty of the building and make a statement.

There are plenty of unique designs available. So ,whether you require an entrance door for your main reception that’s modern and minimalistic or colourful and highly decorative, you can enhance heavy footfall spaces and elevate functionality.

Here at Hart Doors, we specialise in British made commercial and industrial doors such as rolling doors, shutters and electric high-speed roller doors.

Different types of industrial doors