The Importance of Maintaining Your Security Shutters

Security shutters are fitted to improve security, to help prevent break ins, and to protect against vandalism. They are an invaluable source of protection. Maintaining your security shutters is very important.

Shutters that are ageing and that have been poorly maintained can actually be a serious hazard. They become the exact opposite of the strong, resilient form of protection that you rely on them to be.

The Top Five Reasons to Maintain Your Shutters

These are our top five reasons why maintaining your security shutters is so important:

  • Shutters that aren’t properly maintained can start to malfunction. There are a number of ways in which shutters can malfunction. They can even get stuck open or closed, locking you out or leaving your property unprotected. You may need to get shutters repaired as an emergency if they get jammed and your property is left exposed.
  • Poorly maintained shutters can cause damage or even injury. Shutters that haven’t been maintained won’t always behave in a predictable way. They may stick when opening them. Or they may also become loose, which can pose a serious hazard if they fall on somebody. If staff or customers use entrances where there are broken or damaged shutters, this could be very dangerous indeed. Shutters need to be maintained regularly to keep them in good working condition.
  • Damaged shutters become an easy target for criminals. Many thieves know exactly what they’re looking for. A property with old, damaged shutters that would be easy to force open is a prime target. Well maintained, fully functional shutters are a good deterrent and won’t attract unwanted attention to your property.
  • Workplace regulations require shutters that are in a good state of repair. This is part of fire safety. There may be other regulations that specifically apply to your workplace as well so ensure you understand your obligations.
  • It’s cheaper and more beneficial in the long run to maintain shutters effectively. If your shutters malfunction, you will often need an emergency callout to get them back up and running. This is time sensitive and costly. By maintaining shutters on an ongoing basis, you know you can rely on them at all times. There are also no unexpected costs.

Insurance certified shutters

Top of the list for insurance of the business property is to ensure you are covered against vandalism, break–in and ultimately, theft. Having roller shutter added to your property will not only protect it and ensure you remain covered for all scenarios but also help reduce your premiums.

How to maintain your shutters

Security shutters should be serviced regularly – schedules will depend on manufacturer instructions so ensure you are familiar with them. Professionals can also complete a balance check during servicing, another important process.

There are some basic checks you can complete yourself on a regular basis, including:

  • Checking the mechanisms – ensure they don’t become stiff over time
  • Ensuring the guide rails and bearings are all working as they should be
  • Completing a visual check to make sure your shutters haven’t sustained any obvious damage

If you need to discuss your shutters or are considering booking in a service, please get in touch.

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