How to Ensure Your Business Premises is Safe and Secure

Want to secure your business premises? These are the different security shutter systems available, along with a summary of the protection they will provide:

High security shutter systems

These shutter systems will provide the highest levels of security for your business and they are used in areas where threats include terror and serious crime. There are four product security rating levels for high security shutter systems:

  1. SR1 shutters – domestic and low commercial risk. For certified grades of roller security shutters, this is the starting point.
  2. SR2 shutters – medium domestic and low commercial risk. These can prevent more determined opportunist attacks using bodily force and some tools.
  3. SR3 shutters – medium commercial risk. You will have greater protection in the event of deliberate forced entry.
  4. SR4 shutters – high commercial risk and medium government risk. Highly resistant to cutting and to attempted forced entry with a wide range of tools, the doors in this category provide optimum protection in the case of an experienced forced entry attempt.

Fire shutters and doors

Choosing fire rated shutters or doors will give your business protection from 30 minutes to four hours if a fire occurs.

All our fire shutters are operated in the event of a fire through a fusible link or battery supported control system, plus there is the option for warning devices to provide additional safety measures for your business.

Fire shutters are galvanised or steel coated and will be manufactured to your specifications, providing the protection your business needs.

Industrial shutters and roller shutter doors

If you are looking for everyday security for your business, shutters and roller doors can deliver exactly what you need. They are robust and reliable, helping to prevent break ins and thefts, and also withstanding vandalism effectively.

Roller shutters are usually made from solid steel or aluminium and they can be used internally or externally – widely chosen for industry, commerce, public buildings and more, you will get excellent levels of protection from this type of door or shutter.

High speed doors

If you need additional security, high speed doors are a good option for your business. They are similar in their style and design to shutters and roller shutter doors but they operate at higher speeds, providing additional security and giving you greater access control.

We can help you specify security doors and shutters to protect your business.

Intruder trying to break through business premise security