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Veolia Environmental Services

Veolia Environmental Services

Hart Door Systems (HDS) is at the forefront of waste control through its energy-saving range of high-speed, automatic doors. There is an increasing demand for door systems to help operators work sympathetically with their neighbours. HDS has developed a range of large large high-speed doors which are ideal for the waste management sector, typically Energy from Waste. These are typically used in facilities where there are high-traffic situations, airborne smells, noise and vermin egress. High humidity and corrosive atmospheres are also bi-products on the environment.

The installation at Veolia Sheffield involved supplying a High Speed Door onto an existing building that disposes of Alcohol which is not fit for human consumption.  Following the successful installation at Veolia Sheffield plant, Hart has again been selected to install a number of new doors across various Veolia Plants.  The latest plant being Mansfield Waste Transfer Station where another three Speedor Storms were installed.


Sheffield, Newark, Worksop, Manchester, Mansfield



6 x Speedor Storm (Newark)

3 x Speedor Storm (Worksop)

3 x Speedor Storm (Manchester)

6 x Roller Shutters (Sheffield)

3 x Speedor Storms (Mansfield)