New industrial doors for agriculture firm

ForFarmers is a market leading international feed company that offers feed solutions for conventional and organic livestock farming.

The challenge

Due to the contents of the building, regular industrial doors were not acceptable as they had to be left open, allowing pigeons to enter the building, resulting in damage to the produce.

Project / doors required

21 Hart doors across various sites including Speedor Super, Speedor Storm external doors, Speedor Mini internal doors.

Project challenges

case studies large vehicle access

Large vehicle access

Tipping truck access and egress

case studies Dusty conditions

Dusty conditions

Poor conditions affect doors if not designed for purpose

case studies vermin egress

Vermin egress

Products are damaged when pests are not controlled

The solution

The front elevation of the building had to be sealed to prevent vermin egress while also allowing truck access in a fast and safe way. Speedor high speed doors activated by vehicles allow for efficient movement in and out of the building.

The success

The doors, installed at feed intake tipping bays, improve aesthetics of the facility, prevent ingress of wildlife into the building and dust being blown over adjacent properties. Speedors do a tremendous job when required for fast open/close cycles at locations such as this where tipping feed can create dust for example. We designed taller and narrower doors – 7.5m high x 3.2m wide – to accommodate the dimensions of the tipping trucks and overall the installation works very well for a happy client.
Speedor Storm high speed external doors

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