The Waste Energy Sector

Industrial doors and shutters for the waste management sector

Large, high-speed doors specifically designed for waste management

Hart's range of doors for the waste management sector are at the forefront of waste control through its energy-saving range of high-speed automatic doors. Increasingly there is demand for door systems to help operators in the waste management sector to operate sympathetically with their neighbours.

Hart has developed a range of doors for the waste management sector including some very large doors specifically for the waste management sector. The fast open/close cycle delivered by our doors is therefore an important benefit for operators.

Hart’s experience on these projects highlights many challenges for the operator for which we have engineered unique solutions.

Challenges in the waste management sector

  • Noise
  • Dealing with escaping odours
  • Vermin egress and damage
  • Compost production from food waste
  • The production of green gas through proprietary anaerobic digestion technology
  • Humid environments
  • Corrosive atmosphere from bi-products

Government reports show the UK generates about 177 million tonnes of waste every year in England alone. This is a poor use of resources, costs businesses and households money and causes environmental damage. Because of this there has been a clear move towards a ‘zero waste economy’.  The increasing reliance on waste to energy has created opportunities for specialist door solutions for dealing with hazardous waste issues, recycling, services to industry and of course issues possibly faced by local residents.

Hart Door Systems is currently supplying doors to a growing number of waste to energy projects across the UK with many high profile clients in the renewable energy sector.

If you’d like to speak to us about how we can help you solve logistical challenges in the waste management sector with a completely tailored high performance door solution, please contact us today on +44 (0) 191 214 0404.

Speedor Storm external high speed door
high speed doors for the waste energy sector
high speed doors for the waste energy sector

Waste sector clients

  • Baldovie EFW
  • Novelis Warrington
  • BPI Household
  • Bush Haulage
  • Dunbar EFW
  • Enviropark Waste Recovery Park
  • Ferrybridge Multifuel
  • Hull Energy Works
  • IHC FHP Ltd
  • Imtech Process Ltd
  • Mercia Waste
  • New Earth Solutions
  • Thames Water WTW
  • Templeborough Biomass
  • Tamar Energy
  • Veolia UK wide

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British Manufacturing

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Energy sector case studies

Siemens Power

Sliding ceilings supplied for Siemens Power

We designed, manufactured, supplied, delivered and installed electrically-operated sliding ceilings for Siemens Power.


Veolia Environmental

Speedor Storm doors manufactured, installed and serviced for Veolia

Hart carried out a nationwide replacement of 60-plus doors, including Speedor Storms and industrial roller shutters.


Baldovie EfW CHP

Hart supplied 7 Insulated Roller Shutters and 1 external High Speed Door to Baldovie EFW CHP

Hart supplied seven insulated roller shutters and one high speed external door to Baldovie EfW CHP, an energy-from-waste site in Dundee.

Speedor Storm high speed external doors

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