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Wind-resistant shutters for tropical areas

Engineered for extreme weather conditions and dangerous wind speeds

Extreme weather conditions experienced in high risk tropical areas have enormous potential for destruction and loss of life.

Natural environment cycles and climate change all play a factor in the increase in tropical storms, otherwise known as hurricanes, typhoons or cyclones depending on location.

After considerable testing and development, Hart have now launched the Typhoon rated roller shutter in two variants of 3,000 pascals and 4,000 pascals with full third party testing completed. The higher classification is up to 180mph winds or Super Typhoon classification. This far exceeds the Class 5 rating which is generally used on BE EN specifications.

Class 5 is the highest classification in BSEN 12424:2000 with equates to 1000 pascals + 25% tolerance. The is a static test and does not reflect buffeting and gusting effects.

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When choosing wind protection doors, consideration must be given to local topography, exposed areas and internal negative pressures, which can all combine to exceed the class 5 standard.

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British Manufacturing

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Export sector case studies

Dubai Metro

insulated shutters manufactured for Dubai Metro

Hart Doors manufactured 200 insulated roller shutters, both fire rated and non-fire rated, for various depots on the Dubai Metro.


Grain Facilities – Gerico France

Speedor Storm external doors for flour mill

Hart supplied over 21 Speedor Storm high speed external doors for grain facilities in Mombasa, Kenya.



Hart has supplied hundreds of industrial doors for infrastructure projects both across the UK and internationally.

Speedor Storm high speed external doors

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