Hart Door Systems

Environmentally Enhanced Roller Shutters

Roller shutters for corrosive and high humidity environments
These environments are extremely challenging and Hart has developed a series of enhancements to our standard roller shutter specification which significantly extend life and operational reliability of essential doors. High humidity, corrosive atmosphere and vermin damage are particular problems and lead to unreliable installations without preventative design enhancement.

We have expertise in developing custom doors to maximise performance in any environment. Careful consideration of the specification and the application is required.

This increases costs but delivers reliability and cannot be compared with standard products.  It is worth considering some of the parts to be consumable; replacing over the life of the product. Our service department provides low cost service contracts and reactive maintenance, delivered by our in-house fully employed service engineers based across the UK.


  • Waste
  • Food processing
  • Petro-chemical


  • Reliability between service
  • Extended life

Product Options

  • Increased galvanising standards
  • Paint to C3 and C4
  • Stainless Materials
  • Heated controls
  • Enhanced IP controls