Industrial Doors and Shutters for Nuclear Facilities 

Due to the nature of nuclear energy, the facilities maintain strict security measures to prevent unauthorised access to critical areas. Hart recognises the importance of high security in the nuclear sector and has a range of products to suit its specific needs.

Nuclear plant security measures

  • Physical barriers - such as security shutters and doors
  • Electronic surveillance  
  • Robust barriers to critical areas - alarm systems and screening of personnel
  • Highly trained security officers

Hart’s range of Terror Screen high-security shutters are manufactured to LPS 1175 and provide valuable resistance to attack in combination with other security measures. Hart Door Systems invested heavily in designing and testing this exceptional counter-terrorism shutter system to Loss Prevention Standards as approved by the LPCB. 

Terror Screen high security roller shutters comply with LPS1175 SR1, SR2, SR3 and SR4 and to BSEN 12453:2005; BSEN 12604:2000; BSEN 12635:2002; BSEN 12978.2003

Nuclear Projects:

  • Urenco ChemPlants Ltd
  • Dungeness Power Station
  • Hinkley Point Power station
  • Hunterston
  • Sizewell Power Plant

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