High-performance airlock doors for major manufacturer

We have recently installed a pair of high-speed Speedor Storm doors at a major manufacturing/recycling plant in the Midlands.

The plant, which annually supplies over 275,000 tonnes of polythene products, also recycles over 95,000 tonnes of UK waste from industrial, commercial, agricultural and domestic sources.

Together with the latest Speedor Storms, we have nearly 30 Speedors on site. The doors are a crucial part of an objective to improve energy efficiency, maintain a better working environment and temperatures within the building as well as reducing vermin access.

The new doors will form an automatic airlock so that the outer door will close allowing the inner door to open automatically and hold open while deliveries are made. Each Speedor has a clear vision panel. Speedors are suitable for high usage of up to 1 million operations.

The customer has been a Hart client since 1990. We have Speedor Supers still working from that time. The 30 or so doors on site are a mix of Supers, Storms and Roller shutters and we also have the maintenance contract for the site.

The recent installation is the first time we have installed an automatic airlock with two Storms. The airlock is designed to minimise heat loss from the factory whilst loading goods out of the factory into an annex, where goods are collected.

The heat loss affects the machinery as well as the workforce. There is also a safety element which means one door cannot open until the other door is closed. Once the door is fully closed the other door opens automatically.

Our doors are not only engineered for endurance, they are designed for you. If you are unsure of the best door for your needs, contact us and together we can help you choose the best industrial doors for your premises.

Two Speedor high speed automatic doors - installation