Hands-free door activators range to provide hygienic access

We have expanded our range of contactless door activators to support businesses in providing safe, secure and hygienic working environments.  

As a long-established and pioneering designer and manufacturer of commercial and industrial doors we have applied our knowledge of access and protection solutions, to increase our contactless door activator range: this technology enables door system operation without the push of a button, helping businesses to reduce infection risk in the workplace.   

Included in the range is the Magic Switch which uses radar technology to detect the wave of a hand over the unit and automatically open the door at a range of 10-50cm. The door closes on timer but has an option to keep the door open when required. The non-touch activation makes it an ideal solution for use in clean rooms and pharmaceutical environments as well as in logistic and warehouse facilities.  

Beam technology can also be used via the Photocells sender and receiver and Light Curtain sensory device. Both solutions can be used for activation as well as safety. The photocells sender and receiver can be mounted on bollards or handrails, up to three metres away from the door, and uses multiple beams to sense all traffic types. The Light Curtain works in pairs, with variable lengths but a maximum width of six metres. Light Curtains offer a means of detecting a presence in the door path without actual contact. They also provide sensory input to hold the doors fully open while traffic passes through, reducing the potential for contact and possible injury. 

Other additional devices that we are able to either retrofit to existing doors – for instance where there is just a push button in place – or include as part of an upgrade to an older door include: the infrared condor motion and presence sensor; the falcon motion sensor (which uses unidirectional micro waves); the LZR-i110 safety sensor; the LZR-H100 laser sensor;and the LZR widescan sensor. All of these offer high protection and surveillance as well as optimising traffic flow to generate energy savings and provide door safety.  

Hart Door Systems is also able to provide induction floor loops, which can be used as an alternative to some sensors. The vehicle induction loops are extremely robust and can identify the presence of a vehicle over a wire loop buried under the road surface and signal its presence to a control device. It offers an ABS function to make the loop sensitive to raised floor vehicles, trail tillers or fork-lifts. 

Nick Hart, Managing Director at Hart Door Systems commented: “As we have a long track record of working with clients to provide door systems to cleanrooms, we know the importance of providing safe and hygiene solutions.  

“At a time where health and hygiene is becoming more of a key priority across all businesses, contactless door activators can play an important role in supporting companies in returning to operations and in helping them to adapt their current environments to  safer ways of working, as well as providing additional reassurance to staff and customers.   

“Our extensive door system knowledge, which is applied to a variety of industries enables us to provide solutions to customers – whether they are looking to upgrade from a traditional push button to a contact free device or require an overhaul of their whole approach.” 

We bring generations of engineering experience and product innovation expertise to our customers across the world, helping them to take control of their business environments and ensure they can operate productively, efficiently, safely, and securely.  

For more information on the product range view the brochure or contact the team directly to discuss your requirements. 

hands-free activators for doors