Export boost for Hart

Despite the difficulties in the last year, 2020 was the best year for exports in our 75 years history.

Recent contracts include two projects at the Shimanzi port, Mombasa, Kenya, with further contracts for Helsinki International Airport, Finland and for multi-door orders for Russia, Hong Kong and Kuwait.

“I can confirm that we have had an extraordinary 2020 but to be clear we have always had a strong export market which runs side by side with our UK business,” says Nick Hart, managing director.

“For example in addition to several UK contracts at rail depots and Energy from Waste plants for example, we have door systems operating at over 40 international airports ranging from Vladivostok to Tashkent, to the Seychelles, the Falklands, Campinas, São Paulo State, Brazil and Jeddah in the Middle East.”

Mr Hart adds: “So the mix of UK work and exports works very well. Despite the pandemic, development and investment is still taking place and with our connections to important sectors on a global basis we are in a good place. These latest contracts are “very welcome and a boost for a hard-working team”.

Mr Hart adds: “There is uncertainty in the air due to Covid19 and Brexit but despite that, we have worked hard on all management aspects of the business to be inclusive and proactive.  We are determined to take every opportunity available to us.”

Export boost for Hart Doors in 2020