Designed for hygiene – engineered for endurance

Our association with many major manufacturing sectors through our wide range of door products is widely acknowledged. One sector includes the UK’s biggest sector, the £100 bn Food and Drink industry which employs over 4m people.

We have supplied Speedors to protect production facilities, the delivery areas for raw materials to the dispatch of final products. The issues are many and varied – environmental, security and cleanliness for example, all of which are important factors when choosing doors.

The Speedor Cleanroom door was specifically developed to suit food markets and white wall environments, with wash down guides, stainless steel options, variable air leakage requirements, non-touch safety light curtain and high-speed operation.

The food production sector requires high standards of door systems to ensure air quality is not compromised. Speedor Cleanroom is an effective and fast-acting door for both goods-in and goods out parts of a typical plant involved in the production process. The whole Speedor range has a party to play with Speedor Mini for example being used on production lines, cold rooms and food preparation areas.

Through its innovative engineering Hart offers the food industry bespoke door systems including prototyping, testing and third part certification. Apart from cleanliness, Hart also aids energy conservation, fire prevention and security.

Hart Speedor Cleanroom doors, designed for hygiene