What Type of Commercial Doors Are Best?

We’re one of Britain’s oldest manufacturers of high speed doors and shutters. Every one of our products is engineered for endurance. Determine what type of commercial doors are best for your premises by keeping these five points in mind.


Deciding on the correct weight and strength combination is one of the most critical decisions.

Steel is a quality material. Thanks to its natural strength it consistently outperforms wood, aluminium and fibreglass doors in resisting natural and man-made abuse.

That said, without insulation, steel commercial doors may not retain a great deal of warmth, especially when it’s bitterly cold outside — so you may want to consider choosing insulated shutters for your business.

Find out more about our stainless steel roller shutters.


If you’re looking to improve site security with a door specifically designed to provide resistance to tools, it’s essential to determine the security rating you require.

Consider the kind of intruders likely to carry out attacks on your property, the tools they may carry and the length of time you would like to keep the intruder out of the building (before the police or security will be notified).

Most modern commercial doors provide protection, fire safety, and energy conservation. However, you may require a specialist heavy system door that delivers significant resistance to attack depending on the risks you face.


When you invest in a new commercial door, you can hone in on the style that’s right for your building, customers and business.

You can fuse attractive aesthetics to enhance your corporate identity, boosting brand recognition without compromising performance.

With a wide variety of commercial door designs, Hart Doors can work closely with you to produce a door that reflects your corporate identity, utilising brand colours to make a stylish statement.


When you have a clear idea on the performance, style and durability you require from your new door, you can analyse prices and collect quotes to plan your budget.

When determining what a new door should cost, it’s essential to consider the impact the door will have on your business over time.

At Hart Doors, we deliver ‘big wins’ for our customers in terms of security, safety, energy-efficiency and productivity.

Fire Safety

When you’re looking to protect your people, assets and property from fire, you require doors with durable materials that can withstand the extreme temperatures during an emergency. Fire rated doors offer crucial protection. We sell models rated from 30 minutes up to 240 minutes fire resistance. They can be activated by a fusible link, fire alarm signal, local smoke or heat detection. A fire control panel gives clear audio and visual warnings. These doors provide businesses with the ability to facilitate a safe and quick evacuation of occupants.

We can guide you through our many doors and shutters, taking your challenges, goals and budget into account.

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