How do security shutters work?

Security shutters are available in a wide range of types, sizes, styles and security ratings. However, their main purpose is to protect a property against forced entry. How do security shutters work?

Most commonly electrically driven, most are manufactured of steel. They run up and down tracks on either side of the aperture. And coil tightly into a discrete box at the top.

To give an idea on the difference between lighter and heavier systems:

The highest rated security shutters feature:

  • Twin skin steel lath,
  • re-enforced by an aluminium substructure resistant to cutting
  • and weighing 60 Kg’s per metre square

More typical shutters:

  • Are made up from convex galvanised steel lath weighing 12 Kg’s per square metre square.
  • Locking varies from simple key locks to fully automated electronic locking systems.

How do shutters maximise security?

The strength of the material is of course key to boosting protection. This in combination with appropriate locking systems provides a range of third party certified levels of protection. These are rated to standards LPS1175, iss7, classes SR1, SR2, SR3 and SR4. These are based on attack time and availability of certain tools to be used in attacks. External appearance does not reflect the level of protection and all doors will operate similarly to standard doors.

Lath and Curtain

Single lengths of horizontal lath interlock, while the lath itself can be flat or convex faced. End stops are engaged on each end of the lath to lock the lath into place. This forms the interlocked rolling shutter curtain. Powder coat is the most common finish although the laths are galvanised and may be left without coating. Stainless steel laths may be provided as an option along with plastisol pre-finished materials matching existing colour schemes.

Roller Assembly& drive assembly

The main working components are the roller and the drive mechanism. A steel tube is supports the door curtain across the width of the door mounted on steel end brackets. The drive may be chain driven, shaft driven or retained within the roller. This all depends on the size of the door, the duty required in terms of speed and frequency of operation. Press button, key operated or partially or fully automated options are available on all doors.


There are various locking methods available depending on the level of security you require. This could include a side guide bullet lock to each of the sides, electrically operated slip bolts which in turn optionally fully automated into a door control system.

Guide Channels

The curtain is able to slide up and down seamlessly and securely thanks to the guide channels. These are ‘U’ shaped and positioned at the sides of the door.

Safety issues

CE marking ensures that each door complies to all BSEN safety standards, this marking demonstrates compliance and is a legal requirement. Extensive systems covering all optional operational requirements and door sizes and orientations are available.


A canopy or box enclosure can be included to surround the components of the roller door, providing protection from water, dust and personnel access to mechanisms.

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How do security shutters work?