Amazon is the world’s largest technology company, with one of the most advanced fulfilment networks in the world.


The Challenge

Due to the high-volume of traffic in the fulfilment centres where products are stored and shipped, efficiency of vehicles coming in and out of the building and the safety of drivers is paramount. Slow moving sectional overhead doors were left open to allow speed of access which is vital to efficient deliveries but resulted in heat loss.

Project/Doors Required

9 Speedor Storm
2 Speedor Mini


Project Challenges



High traffic
Efficiency and flow of vehicles


Heat Loss
Increasing energy consumption


Pedestrian Safety
Frequent loading of vehicles


The Solution

Seven large Speedor Storms seamlessly integrated with existing doors in a heavy traffic despatch area. The Speedor Storms allow quick and easy access to the openings whilst maintaining internal temperature with its fast open/close action. Due to the quality and longevity of Hart Speedors there is less stress and downtime fixing and replacing defective doors so productivity is unaffected.


The Success

Following the successful installation of Speedor Storms at Amazon in 2016, Hart was chosen as a reliable and trusted supplier. Hart provided expert design advice, specification and installation of the doors to an agreed time frame while not affecting the distribution process. Amazon was given peace of mind with a 2 year warranty.


The Review

“Speedor Storm is being increasingly used in high traffic situations where exceptional wind resistance is required. The energy-saving potential of this door is also particularly high. Capable of withstanding winds up to 90 mph when closed, the Storm is a robust and reliable system.”

Nick Hart, MD, Hart


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