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Specialist / unique door solutions

Hart have always been aware that problem-solving of technological issues through a bespoke service to clients was a proposition that would appeal to customers.

By supporting the policy of continual product improvement through design, prototyping and testing through a dedicated facility, Hart have been able to take on technologically challenging contracts by developing technical solutions to specific clients’ needs all controlled within the ISO 9001:2008 quality programme.

Examples of unique products include a door for 58 check-in desks at Terminal 5 Heathrow, Pressure tested and fire proof high speed doors for Nissan, Hurricane proof door of the Falklands island and ATEX rated shutters which have installed in many different hazardous areas.

Automatic, High Speed, Fire Resisting, Smoke Sealing Conveyor Doors

Automatic, High Speed, Fire Resisting, Smoke Sealing Conveyor Doors Heathrow T5 project for forty eight number check-in desks. This unique design was developed for Vanderlande conveyors combining  features from other products namely fire, security and high speed automatic operation.

Pressure Resistant, High Speed, Smoke & Air Sealed, Fire Resisting Door

Nissan production project curing ovens. This further development of the conveyor door utilises a double door assembly and provides a seal around all four sides of the doorway to minimise air permeability. In the case of a fire within the oven a gas suppression system injects inert gas which increases the pressure ten fold within .5 seconds to extinquish the fire. This increase in pressure is retained by the door seals.

Machine Guard Door

Machine Guard Door Nissan robot welding facility. using high speed, automatic doors which can be self supporting and adaptable for installation anywhere to protect workers from machinery and or processes, noxious substances, dust or pollutants.

Roof Doors for Clean Room

Roof Doors for Clean Room Seimens clean room project allowing access for heavy cranes to lift large components weighing in excess of 10 tones and 18 meters in length for assembly of critical components within a clean room environment. This sliding folding roof doors covering open roof area of 4m x 18m clear opening operated by single push button remote operation.


ATEX Compliant, Explosion Proof Doors

Fire and security Roller shutters and Speedor automatic high speed doors are available compliant to Atex requirements and we have a technical file lodged with Baseefa supporting this. Costs can be minimised by installing control equipment outwith of the control zones. Specification is built project specific covering a wide range of industries and services.

Crane Profiled Vertically Ascending Insulated Panel Door

This door seals a high level opening in a factory partition wall to allow crane access between production areas.


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