Hart Door Systems

High Speed Fast Action Rapid Roll Doors

Hart’s Speedor high speed door system is a range of automatic, high speed doors which are reliable and robustly engineered for frequent use in high-traffic situations. We have models of high speed door for use internally or externally and the applications are almost limitless across the range of manufacturing sectors – for busy, high-traffic, situations, energy saving, clean room, warehouse/loading bays, vermin and dust control, heat sensitive production processes and hazardous areas.

Hart Doors can provide you with a detailed quotation for our range of Speedor high speed doors – with a range of sizes/functions to suit your requirements. We will advise the correct specification for your needs.

Some of the benefits of these doors include –

A high performance, innovative and robust design which has tried and tested durability and requires minimal maintenance.

Provides greater insulation by reducing or eliminating drafts and excess heat loss – saving energy and money

Seals – Reduce noise, vermin and dust control

Increased security through controlled access and egress during working hours

Efficiency – The high speed automatic easy opening in busy high traffic situations, controlled workflow saves time and money

We offer 2 years warranty as standard on our Speedor high speed doors. We do this because we know they last.

We use thicker curtain material made of a multilayer PVC textile (2400 g/m², 2mm thick) so it lasts longer and is less likely to split and tear. View Fabric datasheet  

​Doors can cause many problems if not made with quality in mind. Our high speed doors are simply better giving you the peace of mind that once the door is in place you can forget about it.

Quality and longevity of product

Because our doors are reliable it means less repairs, less down time and less cost in the long run. Our high speed doors have a life expectancy of over 20 years. Some of our doors are still in operation after 30 years.

We can cater for a variety of different purposes and functions, and also offer a variety of maintenance and service options. Call us on 0191 214 0404 to speak to an expert.

Speedor is an engineered product, our flagship Speedor Super high speed door has been in continuous production since 1983, with thousands of installations in the UK and across the world, where it is known for reliable operation and long life. Data sheets and drawings provide technical details for all our high speed doors, please contact us for specialist requirements.

Speedor Storm – an external high speed door designed for frequent use in high traffic situations where wind resistance is required on large openings up to 8m. The energy saving potential of this door is also particularly high. This fast action roller door has a unique guide system offering wind resistance up to class 5.

Speedor Mini – an internal high speed door for openings up to 4m. This robust twin-layer fabric door is capable of thousands of operations every week and is a favourite for the manufacturing, automotive and food sectors.

Speedor Lite – a high speed door for openings up to 4m. This lightweight single skin door is capable of thousands of operations every week and is ideally suited for areas with low wind loading.

Speedor Cleanroom – an internal doors designed for specialist manufacturing processes where clean air is essential. Cleanroom environments often require strict air leakage control to ensure air pressure differentials can be maintained.

Speedor Conveyor – a revolutionary fast action door perfectly suited for specialist application such as high frequency conveyor belt systems. These rapid roll doors can be fully integrated with external systems.

Speedor Twinblade – a variant of the Speedor Cleanroom designed for industrial applications where air particles are a perceived risk. The unique twin blade construction reduces the air leakage rate to just 2m³ per hour with up to 30pa pressure differential. The design incorporates stainless steel snd easy clean pneumatic seals preventing contamination.