Hart Door Systems

Stainless Steel Roller Shutters UK

Stainless steel in an appropriate grade provides the best long term solution in salt or corrosive environments or in food production and processing. Optionally polished can be a striking feature of any building.

If high performance, longevity and smart appearance are important, then stainless steel roller shutters from Hart could be the solution.


  • Food processing production and handling
  • Pharmaceutical production and handling
  • General clean room applications
  • Corrosive environments
  • Offshore surroundings


  • Ease of cleaning
  • Contamination prevention
  • Corrosion limitation
  • Extended lifetimes
  • Protection for exposed / harsh environments

Product Options

  • Various door models available in Stainless Steel
  • Different grades of material available
  • Various polishing options
  • Upgraded motor covers with insulation
  • IP65i Drives