Doors contract for helicopter company completes

Hart Doors has completed an installation of five Speedor Minis, the high-performance interior roller door that delivers higher operating speeds than traditional sectional doors or roller shutters. The client is an international manufacturer of helicopters.

The installation required a reliable, internal, high-speed roll-up door designed for frequent use in high traffic situations. Speedor Mini was selected as it is constructed to sustain a high number of opening and closing cycles while operating in frequent use, busy traffic conditions.

“Due to its superior design, required with such a high level of duty, the Speedor Mini is capable of thousands of operations week after week, year after year and requires lower maintenance and repair costs,” says Carl Crossman, Hart’s Project Manager

“The Minis have been installed in abrasion and fettling booths to mitigate against environmental hazards caused by dust emissions from the grinding or fettling processes where surplus material is removed from castings. This required a door that was capable of a fast open/close cycle, a high level of usage with low maintenance and, in the case of the case of this contract, be capable of withstanding pressure differentials on either side of the opening.”

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High speed Speedor Mini installation