What is the Difference Between Roller Shutter and Roller Door?

What is a roller shutter door?

Roller shutter doors are heavy-duty, often featuring interlocking aluminium or steel slats, so they’re well built for a diverse mix of industrial settings.

Roller shutters can be designed for specialist requirements, such as fire resistance and terror protection. You’ll see them used in a huge range of environments, including retail stores, supermarkets, schools, universities, hospitals and surgeries, protecting windows and doors from vandalism and break-ins.

A roller shutter door can also be insulated to deliver energy efficiency, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation and extra protection from vermin.

What is a roller door?

Roller doors, often known as high speed doors or rapid roll doors, are often used in industrial properties where heavy-duty protection is not required.

Roller doors provide different benefits to roller shutter doors in that their fast open close feature provides easy access in high traffic situations whilst maintaining the internal temperature of the building. They can also be used for compartmentalisation within buildings.

Both roller shutters and roller doors can be extremely cost-efficient, opening quickly and efficiently to maintain steady traffic flow. Once locked, staff will instantly feel a sense of security, so it’s easy to understand why the two terms are often confused.

What’s the best option for maximum security?

Having been manufacturing Terror Screen High Security Shutters for many years, Hart Doors is one of the very few manufacturers able to provide SR4 security shutters.

As our highest rated shutter, the Terror Screen LPS1175 SR4 ensures a high-security weight and strength combination thanks to the twin skin steel lath, which is reinforced by an aluminium substructure that’s highly resistant to cutting. This model is tested to withstand 20 minutes of an attack, including 10 minutes with drills and hand tools. It’s undoubtedly one of the most robust roller shutter doors available, making it perfect for banks, military sites, government buildings, museums and airports.

Terror Screen SR4 high security roller shutter door

Fully tested and certified fire-resistant roller shutter doors

With a variety of fire-resistant shutters (rated from 30 minutes up to 240 minutes fire resistance), we know how to best protect people, property and assets.

Fire shutters operate by automatically sensing fire and smoke before closing the curtain to compartmentalise the building, slowing the spread of the fire — buying staff valuable time to evacuate.

These doors not only save money, time, and potentially lives, but they help to get businesses back in operation after a fire event, minimising damage.

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