Here you will find a range of questions that will hopefully help to answer any queries you may have regarding Hart Doors, our products and services.

Benefits Of Hart Doors

  • Q: Are fabric doors wind resistant?

    A: Not all high-speed doors are suitable for external application due to varying wind pressures in exposed locations. For these applications, it is important to get a door fit for the job. Our Speedor Storm is designed with this in mind to class 5 wind resistance.

  • Q: How do fabric, high-speed doors save money?

    A: Reducing energy usage is not only vital for the environment, but it can directly benefit your business and your supply chain by reducing costs. A well-insulated and low-maintenance high-speed automatic door can reduce energy consumption by minimising draughts, maintaining internal temperatures, and optimising traffic flow through their high-speed automatic operation. 

  • Q: How long will my Hart doors last?

    A: The expected life of our high-speed doors is over 20 years and 500,000 cycles in normal conditions. Having recently replaced a door after 34 years we can attest to the quality of our engineering. Fault rates are low, and when repairs are required, first time fixes are high. Due to the longevity of our doors, the total cost of ownership is low. 

  • Q: Why should I buy a door manufactured in the UK?

    A: Apart from the quality manufacturing to ISO 9001: 2015 and material audit trail guaranteeing the quality of the components, we can also offer faster delivery times, spare part availability, manuals in English and superior aftercare that you can’t get from products manufactured elsewhere.

Ordering A High Speed Door Or Roller Shutter

Question that you may ask about your order

  • Q: Do you manufacture high-speed doors and roller shutters?

    A: Yes, we manufacture all of our industrial doors in our manufacturing facility in Newcastle upon Tyne. 

  • Q: Do you supply only?

    A: We can supply any of our doors on a supply only basis. We also have an installation team who can fully install the door, or assist you in the installation if you have an installation team but do not have the experience of installing our doors. 

  • Q: Do your doors come straight off the shelf?

    A: No. We design, manufacture and install doors that are specific to your needs. Not only that, all of our products are tried, tested and fully compliant to meet the highest safety and quality standards. You can rest assured that you and your employees can carry out your day to day activities in a safe and secure working environment. 

  • Q: How long does it take to install industrial doors?

    A: It all depends on the type of door, how many doors there are, and what challenges you have on your site. But typically, it takes around one day per door. 

  • Q: How long will it take to get my industrial door?

    A: Our lead time is 4 - 6 weeks from the approval of drawings.

  • Q: What electrics are required for high-speed doors or roller shutters?

    A: Generally, for roller shutters and Speedor Storms you are required to provide a 415 volt 16 amp, 3 phase neutral and earth 5 pin industrial surface mounting socket (red), conforming to EN 60309, within 1 meter of the control panel position. On doors up to 5m x 5m, it may be possible to utilise a 230 volt, single-phase supply.  For Speedor Mini, a 230 volt 16 amp, 2 pin plus earth industrial surface mounting socket (Blue), conforming to EN 60309 (typically MK 9201 BLU), within 1 meter of the motor side of the door at approx. 1.5m from floor level is required. These must be available at the installation stage. This is a general guide, please consult us for the correct requirements for your purchase and international orders.

  • Q: What steelwork is required for fire shutters?

    A: The preparation of the supporting structure of the fire shutters must be constructed to a strict set of rules. Brickwork, and blockwork with concrete lintels in the case of 240-minute fire resistant shutters, fully encapsulated insulated and fire-protected steel for 120-minute fire-resistant shutters and 60-minute fire boarded timber or metal stud partitioning in the case of 60-minute fire shutters. Please consult us for further guidance. 

Quoting A High Speed Door Or Roller Shutter

Questions you may ask before ordering a door

  • Q: Do you charge for a site visit?

    A: No, if you need a new or replacement door, we will send a technical sales engineer to survey your site free of charge, they will then advise the best solution for your application.

  • Q: How can you ensure we get the right door system?

    A: You don’t need to be an engineer. Our technical engineers analyse your situation and only recommend the solution that is right for you. With industrial doors, one size does not fit all, and we never over or undersell unnecessary features. Our mission is to help you take control of your business environment, ensuring it is fit for purpose. 

  • Q: How much does a high-speed door or roller shutter cost?

    A: All Hart doors are made to order and custom to fit your requirements. We can provide you with a budget cost however, we recommend a site survey to advise on the exact cost and to get the correct specification for your site.  Get in touch to arrange a Free site visit

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  • Q: What colour fabric door can I have?

    We use a 2mm twin-layer fabric for most of our high-speed doors. They are available in yellow, blue, red, green or grey fabric. For a lightweight internal door, we can use a 900g fabric available in white, grey, red and blue. See our datasheet or request a sample. 


  • Q: What colour roller shutter can I have?

    Roller shutters come in galvanised steel as standard. However, you have the option to powder coat the curtain, guides and bottom rail in any standard RAL colour. 

Servicing A High Speed Door Or Roller Shutter

Questions about looking after a high speed door or roller shutter

  • Q: Do my high-speed doors and roller shutters require maintenance?

    A: Maintaining and servicing your industrial doors is an essential health and safety requirement and failure to maintain your doors could put you in breach of Government legislation and make you liable in the case of an incident if your doors are non-compliant. Speak to our service team for more information 

  • Q: How long does it take to service an industrial door? 

    A: It all depends on the type of door, how many doors there are, and what challenges you have on-site. But typically, it takes around 45 minutes to one hour to correctly service an industrial door. 

  • Q: How reliable are fabric doors?

    A: This depends on getting the right door for the application. We have many examples of our high-speed doors lasting over 25 years and are still fully operational. Industrial doors should be regularly maintained to extend their life, and to ensure they are safe. 

  • Q: Where can I order spare parts for my industrial doors?

    A; As a British manufacturer, parts are available from stock or can be made to order in our UK factory. Email our service team to order your parts 

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