Hart Door Systems



Komatsu is one of the world-leading manufacturers of construction, mining and utility equipment.


Over 60 doors – Speedor Cleanroom, Speedor Strom, Electric Roller Shutters

The Challenge

Safety and reliability are paramount in this highly efficient 200,000 sqm facility, which has produced over 60,000 units.
Although only a small part of the building, industrial doors cause the biggest problems if they are not designed with the environment and usage in mind.

The Solution

As a British manufacturer, Hart provides Komatsu with a first-class service, offering support and parts when required and due to the reliability of the doors, maintaining the safe, efficient running of the facility.
Each Hart door is made to measure and each safety device and activator is fitted to suit specific areas, giving Komatsu a safe and secure working environment for its employees.

The Success

Komatsu and Hart began their relationship in the 80’s with the installation of one of Harts earliest prototype Speedors. Due to the success of the door, 4 Speedors and 4 roller shutters were installed in 1992. Over the years, Hart has installed over 60 doors to the facility, only recently replacing some of the original doors installed in 1992.

The Review

Good customer services and support.” Scott Atkinson, Komatsu, UK

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