DuPont Teijin Films is a leading global producer of polyester films, specialising in film products and related services for many industries.


The Challenge

DuPont required a company that could offer the reliability of both the industrial doors and the service provided. When doors are left open or closed for any length of time, it can directly affect the manufacturing process. DuPont needed a product and a company they could trust to provide reliable and consistent service, saving them money by reducing downtime.

Project/Doors Required

17 Hart doors on site including Speedor Super,Speedor Storm, Speedor Mini, Fire Shutters.
Hart maintain 36 in total.
First Doors installed in 1985.


Project Challenges



High quality design to minimise repair needs


Service Excellence
Spare availability


Heat Loss
Maintain internal temperatures


The Solution

Hart has manufactured, installed and serviced a range of industrial high-speed doors for a range of benefits to the customer, including increasing efficiency by giving faster alternative access to the area, rather than using a large roller shutter.


The Success

Dupont has chosen Hart as their door supplier for over 35 years due to the dependability of the product and service. Dupont put the investment in Hart due to the quality and longevity of Hart doors, understanding they are value for money with a low total cost of ownership and better return of investment than a cheaper product.


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