Arla Foods is a major dairy company producing the best dairy products. It is a farmer-owned company committed to high standards.


The Challenge

The existing doors which were made from aluminium were unreliable and had started corroding. Hygiene is a priority and food production areas require specialist doors to promote cleanliness and avoid contamination. Due to the lack of space, one of the doors required a special solution to be able to effectively install the door

Project/Doors Required

Over 40 doors across multiple sites


Project Challenges



Concerns over materials not suitable for washdown


Threat of contamination from unreliable non automated doors


Downtime from unreliable doors affecting production


The Solution

Hart replaced unreliable aluminium bi-parting doors installed by a competitor with Harts stainless steel Speedor Minis. The Speedor Mini is a made to measure high speed roll up door with multi-layer PVC fabric which is thicker and less prone tears and splits. Stainless steel allows for easy cleaning, contamination prevention and extended life. The Speedor has a life expectancy of 20+ years.


The Success

Hart Doors is the oldest British manufacturer of highspeed doors and has worked with Arla for over 20 years supplying a range of door systems. Arla knows that by choosing Hart its high standards will not be compromised. Arla was given peace of mind with a 2 year warranty as standard and the confidence that Hart would deliver a quality product once again.


The Review

“The 2 fitters who attended site were excellent and professional.
Well done to them.”

William Beale, Arla Foods


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