Cargill is an international food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services business. Cargill connects farmers with markets, customers with ingredients, and people and animals with nourishment.


The Challenge

Hart were consulted to help reduce vermin access mainly from pigeons, seagulls and geese attracted by the feed/agricultural nature of the production process. The doors needed to be capable of thousands of operations in dusty conditions allowing large vehicles fast access to the facilities.

Project/Doors Required

32 doors across six facilities
12 Storm
3 Super
3 Mini
6 Insulated Fast Action Roller Shutters
4 Electric Operated Roller Shutter 4 Special Doors
Ongoing replacement of old doors


Project Challenges



Large Vehicle access
Truck access and egress


Dusty Conditions
Poor conditions affect doors if not designed for purpose


Vermin egress
Products are damaged when pests are not controlled


The Solution

With over 30 Hart doors installed across six production facilities, the latest contract replaced existing roller shutters, which remain open all day, with seven Speedor Storms, one Speedor Super and one fast action roller shutter.

The emphasis was on speed of open/close cycles to significantly reduce the vermin access and improve energy efficiency.


The Success

The investment by Cargill is also part of a drive to improve energy efficiency by 5% and to maintain a better working environment and temperatures within the building as well as preventing unauthorised access to different areas of the plant.


The Review

“I wanted to say I was really pleased with the job David and guys have done. They showed great work ethic, housekeeping was spot on and their attitude to safety on site was great- whenever they were challenged they were very patient and helpful.”

Gavin Dunn, Project Engineer


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