Hart Door Systems

Hart Door Systems – the oldest British manufacturer of industrial high-speed doors and shutters

Hart Door Systems is a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial door systems including high speed roller doors and commercial roller shutters. It is now 35 years since we produced our first high-speed door under the internationally recognised ‘Speedor’ brand which is now in operation across the major industrial continents.

From our fully-owned office and manufacturing facility in Newcastle upon Tyne, we design and manufactures energy-conserving high-speed Speedors for a wide range of sectors, including waste, food and manufacturing, often requiring bespoke solutions. We pride ourselves on being customer-centric and highly innovative.

In addition to the Speedor range, Hart produces fire and security doors and shutters again for widely differing applications such as interfacing with conveyor belt systems, machine guards and other instances requiring automatic action, speed of operation and protection.

Ultimately what we do is help companies to take control of their environment and operational efficiency and fire and security risks.

Hart products are manufactured to international standards such as the ISO9001:2015  Quality Assurance scheme and LPS 1056 and LPS 1271, Loss Prevention Council Standards for Fire Doors tested to UK and US standards