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Roller shutter / roll up doors for industry and commercial

Roller shutters are hugely flexible, available in all sizes, specifications and colours to suit virtually any application.

Being manufactured at Hart’s Newcastle factory, there is a cost advantage for customers, as well service and maintenance support and immediate availability of parts.

Roller shutters in solid steel or aluminium, with optional insulation; these products are used everywhere in industry, commerce, schools, universities, hospitals and surgeries for windows, doors and serveries – in fact, anywhere that needs protection from vandalism, break-ins and theft.

Other models are available to suit all requirements, it all depends on the requirements you have, available all sizes normally up to 10m in width, light or heavy duty wind resistance, low use or high volume operation, standard speed or high speed, plastisol or powder coat in a variety of colours, automatic or manual electric operation with safety devices for pedestrian use, all comply with Machinery Directive 2008.

Steel convex interlocking galvanised lath roller shutters traditional multi-purpose, economic, strong, long lasting, easy repair and available as simple Press Button operation. Increased specifications options include, paint colour finishes, stain...

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Modern design incorporates a motor drive system with built in safety against door falling out of control. The drive system has no spring counterbalance and drives the door directly via the tube. Electric operation via Press button and or automatic...

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There is a variety of lath profiles available to suit large or small openings. Electrically operated, these interlocking galvanised roller shutters features a lath section which encloses an insulating layer enabling the door curtain to give a ther...

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High speed all models are available with automated and high speed variants. The speed design is commensurate to the size and weight of the door and will be designed to provide maximum reliable life. With speed increase safety systems have to provi...

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SR1 is the starting point for certified grades of security roller shutters.

SR2 elevated over SR1 is an increased grade.

SR3 significant increase in security grade with the commensurate increase in weight and strength.

SR4 opt...

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Corrosive and high humidity environments need careful consideration of the specification.

These environments are extremely challenging and Hart have a series of enhancements to the standard specification which significantly...

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Stainless steel in appropriate grade provides the best long term solution in salt or corrosive environments and optionally polished can be a striking feature of any building

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